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Liny linky linky

Jim Treacher landed himself a nice gig blogging for the movie Blowing Smoke. You can read his first entry here.

As usual, we invite you to contribute to the day's theme at 100 Words.

Bitter, bitchy and envious is no way to go through life. Especially if you decide to wear those badges of dishon0r in your NYT article. See rebuttal here. [via MeFi]

New blog discovery: Scott-O-Rama

New and interesting reading over at The VN/VO. Don't miss this one.

Thor rolls a joint.

More if I think of them. Link 'em if you got 'em.


That must be some good shit for Thor to start flying and seeing giant chickens! W00t!

"You should call this Thor-20" cracked me up.

Wow, that chickie from the NY Times is kind of an asshat, eh?