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random thought of the day

Why has no one yet invented a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet?

If I weren't an atheist, this would be my nightly prayer:



Yes, that's it! Give in to your cravings for revenge! Feel the anger empower you! A power beyond your wildest imagination!

I seem to remember some senator or someone wanting to send signals to blow up computers.So you're saying you are squarely behind this?
Will wireless make me safe?

This is now available at AOL for just $4.99 per month! And don't forget, free access to Entertainment Weekly content!

I've obtained technology that enables TCP/IP handjobs - I think with slight modifications, it can be done.

Engineering couldn't find room for the poison dart in those webcams.

Hubris, you forgot the AOL keyword: Kablooey!

"I've obtained technology that enables TCP/IP handjobs"

You sir, are a liar. I can prove it:

You're still here. Anyone who had such technology as TCP/IP handjobs would either be too busy using it to post, or so filthy fucking rich as to not care to bother with us little people.

Scammer. I'm on to you.


I'm pretty sure this idea was stolen from Bad News Hughes - sorry no URL but easy to find.

It's been his equivalent of "I'm like a buzzbomb" for a couple of years now.

Obviously, it is possible that someone came up with it independently or that it came from somewhere else. It is just so distinctively funny that I wanted to mention where I saw it first - again, a couple years ago.

Are you sure you wish to punch this person in the face Y / N

I don't think Michele stole anything. I hope she will forgive my providing the URL for another blog--Bad News Hughes is just too damn funny not to spread around the address:

Bad News Hughes

I don't know. I think it's kind of weird to drop in someone's comments to tell their readers about a funnier blog.

Kid Handsome pretty much directly accuses you of swiping something from another blog, I attempt to defend you, and I'm the one who receives correction? I wasn't thinking when I posted the address, and I am sorry I did that, but "funnier" is your word, not mine. I'm thinking apples and oranges--not all of your posts are meant to be humorous, are they?

To be clear, I don't think that you stole the idea from Patrick Hughes because I have never noticed any indication that you know his site even exists--coincidences happen, and more than one person must have wanted to punish someone at another computer at one time or another.

Whoa, totally missed Kid's comment there. I have no idea what he's talking about either. How can I steal something from a blog I never read before? Whatever.

Anyhow, that blog IS pretty funny and I thank you for the link, Neuroto. Sorry about the asshattery in the above comment.

Nowhere in my comment did I accuse you of stealing anything. I just said that I thought the "idea" (Neuroto, any moderately literate person should be able to determine that I was referencing the Comic itself - not any link thereto).

I also went out of my way to qualify my statement and say that the person who made the comic was intellectually capable of coming up with it him/herself. I just pointed out that I thought it should be credited to that site because it's distinctively funny - again basic reading comprehension dictates that I didn't accuse Michele of stealing anything, AND if I accused anyone, it was a pretty weak and highly qualified accusation. Lighten up people.

I reference what I believe to be the source of this idea and suddenly it's asshattery - please! I actually thought I was contributing something via the comments.

Sorry, the first paragraph should read like this:

Nowhere in my comment did I accuse you of stealing anything. I just said that I thought the "idea" came from this particular website (Neuroto, any moderately literate person should be able to determine that I was referencing the Comic itself - not any link thereto). I never suggested that Michele had any knowledge of, or had visited Bad News Hughes.

Since I'm apparently the king of multiple posts here, I'd just like to apologize for referencing a different blog. It seemed like a pretty routine practice (in my experience), so I didn't think there would be a problem. However, as it is your blog, I won't do it in the future.

Kid, the asshattery I was referring to was MY comment!