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i had a dream last night

And in the dream, I was writing a novel, the first line of which was this:

The noise of my air conditioner going at full blast all evening completely drowned out the sounds of the world falling apart, so I was caught completely unaware this morning.

During the dream, it was gloomy and rainy outside and planes were flying very low over my house. That was the extent of the entire dream. Me, at a typewriter (yes, a real typewriter!), pouding out that sentence, with one-fingered typing.

I wrote it down as soon as I woke up.

Hmmmm. Should I go with it? Follow my dream, so to speak?


Does it fit with the rest of the book or are you going to start with a dream sequence ?

Whatever works :) When it comes to something like that, what we say doesn't count.


As long as you enjoy the journey...seek...

I've only written one book based on a dream. It still isn't exactly what it should be and I'm here three years later trying to figure out why.

Go for it. Keep the sentence and see if you can build on it. I like it. I've got a folder full of first lines that will someday grow.

Really ... what can you lose?


Even if it doesn't end in a complete story, you need to write it out.

And, BTW, I hope you are working on a book (writing, I mean). Don'cha think it's time?