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the mystery that is the yankees season

WHY?? JesusHmaryandjoseph WHY??

I give up. Really, I just give up.

Update: Apologies to Al Leiter.

For now.


Yesterday's score:- 17-1

That's why. That and the walking wounded pitching roster. I knew they were going to do something like this.

I guess if getting the Marlin's cast-offs doesn't work the Yanks can try and persuade The Rocket and David Wells to return. Wouldn't that be a gas.

We've got a third base coach for you. Cheap. Hell, I'll pay the Yankees to take him out of my own pocket!

There is desperate and then there is stupid.

the yankees need to find the genius who thought this move up and drag him into the street with a sign around his neck. Let a bunch of fans take out their frustrations on this poor dumb bastard.

"the Yanks can try and persuade The Rocket ... to return. "

Only if they move to Memorial City, TX. He only came out of retirement with the Astros because he would be home more often.

I think I have a Tim Redding bobblehead somewhere...

Steinbrenner is pure genius for picking up that bad pennt from San Diego. The only acquisition that could be worse would be a Trojan Camel full of Al-Qaida suicide bombers.

Because the slop the Yankees were throwing out there make Leiter look like Cy Young.

I'm telling you, we gotta get a caravan together and just go down there and burn Tampa to the ground. And if Darth Boss George gets burned in the process...so what?

Jeezus, I sure hope he remembers how to suck!

Alert system makes its first appearance of the season in 3..2..

Bringing in Al Leiter sounds like something Steinbrenner would never do. He'd rather go spend another umpteen million on another Randy Johnson. Leiter isn't going to win 20 games, but he is still a tough competitor who can win some games for a dinged up pitching staff.

As someone who's not a Yankee fan primarily because of George's idiotic pomposity, it makes me nervous when he actually starts listening to his baseball people...