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Like millions of other people, I am reading the new Harry Potter book.

Wanna make something of it?

I'll return when I'm done.

I just bet Allah that I can finish the book by 8pm tonight.


Don't tell me anything about it! I don't even get to see a copy until my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince double feature tomorrow!

USPS delivered it at 130 PM. My son fininshed it at 645 PM.

USPS delivered it at 130 PM. My son fininshed it at 645 PM

Impossible....from 1:30 p.m.-6:45 pm. is 315 minutes...the book is 672 pages long. That would average out to less that 30 seconds per page to read.

We got our copy at 12:02 last night; and Anna and I are both reading it...I get it while she's sleeping. I'm about halfway through, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I read that the number of books printed for this first release was 10.5 million.
That's a lot of books.

This is the 6th book in the series; there's going to be one more. Anna heard, though, that J.K. Rowling said she might go ahead and write an 8th book and donate all the proceeds to charity - does anyone else remembering hearing/reading that?

We ordered it from Amazon back on 12/27/04. I tracked it via UPS when they shipped it from Seattle on Thursday, thinking/hoping that perhaps it might get here on Friday since we're a mere 170 miles or so away. It arrived here early Friday morning, but it wasn't delivered to us until this afternoon via USPS. It was in a box marked in big letters, "Please do not deliver before July 16th" and "Please do not open before July 16th."

Damn service cooperation...

I'm letting my 19-yo daughter read it first and am (im)patiently waiting. She seems to be slowly "savoring" every word.

Yeah, I have to "timeshare" my copy with the better half. I'd nail it in a day, but she reads slowly. I'll read it in bed on the nights that she wants to sleep.

Read it. Unbelievably good.

Well, I just finished it. Damn.

It's going to be a very long wait until the next one comes out.

Picked it up yesterday. Waiting for my wife to finish is. So far she's moved it from the couch to the loveseat. I know once she starts she won't stop.

Got my copy via USPS at 1:30 pm ... 11 y/o stepson arived from Oregon at 2:00 pm and 3 y/o twin grandsons arrived at 3:00 pm...

At midnight I got 85 pages into it before falling asleep.


Got it yesterday about noon, read it by 7. Good, not great, IMO. Certainly darker, but I feel the books have been getting less well structured, sort of like the author decided "Well, I decided 5 years ago that X Y and Z would happen, I foreshadowed them, now how the heck do I tie them together?" Either that or she's just held to the same amount of structure while she tripled the page count.

Your mileage may vary, in fact I hope it does. Certainly a good read, and I had to read it yesterday while my wife was out of town for the weekend. She doesn't share well... :)

Mine came at 2:20. I finished it at 5:50pm. 3.5 hours. RTFO.

I finished Book Five in 4.5 hours.