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Listomatic: Cancellations

I'm off for a riveting afternoon of root canal. Yay.

Meanwhile, some Listomatic goodness, courtesy of Alex Knapp.

Top Five Cancelled TV Shows Ever:

  • Futurama
  • Duckman
  • Erie, Indiana
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Clone High

Honestly, that's just what I thought of off the top of my head. Three animated shows. Go figure.

Just remember in compiling your list that "run its course" isn't the same as cancelled.


can't family guy count even though it came back?? That would be #1 imo

"Sports Night"
"Joan of Arcadia"

Greatest American hero
Jack and Jill (Amanda Peet is hot)

and now I can't think of another

how did I forget "sports night"?


Sports Night
John Doe

And just because I never do what I'm told, here is a sixth:
Dark Angel

Does it have to be American? B/c my #1 is a British sitcom with the stars from "The Young Ones" (Rik Mayall, Ade Edmonson, Nigel Planer) called "Filthy, Rich and Catflap." One of the funniest shows ever, cancelled by the BBC after one season. Bastards.

Other than that - Eerie, Indiana and Sports Night. So I've only got 3.

Carnivale (I'm pretty sure it's been cancelled)
American Dreams

Tru Calling
Dark Angel
The Tick

1 - Parker Lewis Can't Lose
2 - Briscoe County Jr.
3 - Duckman - which, btw, would make a better live action adaptation than 'The Tick'
4 - Cop Rock Fish Police
5 - Sledge Hammer!

Square Pegs, hands down.

My So-Called Life


I am going to take such crap for this, but: Titus

Allow me to take some of the heat off, Steve: Crusade.

And Brisco Country Jr.

Agreed on Square Pegs.

Also: Police Squad, Howard Cosell's Saturday Night Live (so bad it was good), Szysznyk (with Ned Beatty) and Hello, Larry.

I liked Titus.

And was Square Pegs cancelled or just..done?

My So Called Life
Sports Night

and an older one:


The Ben Stiller Show
Mr. Show
The Tick

1) Homicide: Life on the Streets (OK, maybe Munch lives on thanks to CSI, but that's not even a close second to what Homicide was. I will never understand why they cancelled that show.)
2) VR5 (How dare they have a cliffhanger and then cancel a series?)
3) Crusade (which maybe wasn't a "top five" but was cancelled before it ever had a chance to fulfill its promise)
4) Brisco County Jr. (thus taking some of the heat off Steve)
5) Futurama

Dead Like Me
Joan of Arcadia

Strange Luck. Some of the best television I've ever seen.

Firefly (I'm very happy to see this listed so often).


Homicide: Life on the Streets was one of the greatest shows ever.

And Ed. I miss Ed. Even TNT cancelled his reruns.

The Tick
Dead Like Me

Square Pegs was only around for a year and not renewed.

I loved Titus.

I also can't believe they cancelled Friends. Bastards!

Can I vote for Herman's Head?

The original Battlestar Galactica.

Me and Richard Hatch are possibly the only ones with this view, I know.

No, I think Lorne Greene was a little miffed. But then, he's Canadian.

It's Your Move
Twin Peaks
Nowhere Man
The John Laroquette Show
Class of '96
Quantum Leap

Only five?

Jack of All Trades. Inspired sillyness with Bruce Campbell and Angela Dotchin.

Good Neighbors. Brit-com with a real rebel. (and Solo, a non-sequel)

Frank's Place. Can't be categorized, which is why it was killed.

The Inside. Another Fox production bites the dust!

Star Trek. Original flavor.

Yes, I miss Buffy/Angel/Firefly, and Babylon5/Crusade, and DarkAngel, and a bunch of others.

Two more

Millenium - it 'ran its course' in the last half of the last season, but 'Millenium' had the chance to run for at least 2 more seasons. Especially after they exsanguinated Megan Gallagher.

Peter Watt's mustache alone could have carried the 4th season. It's presence would have done much for this season's "Lost".

another vote for Homicide , what a terrific show.

Due South a premature cancellation, in my book. The series took an unfortunate turn after del Vecchio left.

1. Brimstone
A short lived sci fi series that should really have made it past the first season.
2. The Tick
"Gravity is a harsh mistress"
3. Titus
4. Ed
There's a group of guys that I know that get together every day that an Ed rerun is on. They curse and throw things whenever the show takes a turn they don't like.
5. Farscape


Though I liked a lot of the other shows mentioned, none of the other cancellations hurt like these two.

G vs E, man.

Firefly. And Firefly. Did I mention... Firefly?

Picket Fences (but I don't know if it was cancelled or it had "run its course).

I think mentioning that Firefly is currently the #10 top DVD seller on Amazon might make a lot of people here happy.


And I never saw or heard of it until I saw the trailer for Serenity. Mal and Wash's exchange, "Define interesting." "God, oh God, we're all going to die?" sold me on buying the series. Just watched it for the first time this year and my wife and I just kept looking at each other asking, "How the HELL did they cancel something this good?"

Does Invader Zim not count as cancelled?


A lot better than Denis Leary's current show IMO.

Sports Night

why hasn't anyone mentioned the critic?

Most of mine have been mentioned already, but i'd add..

American Gothic

Wow. Every time I see someone else mention Erie, Indiana -- and it is a rare occurence -- I'm impressed. Awesome show.

Jeff R. took my entries for "It's Your Move" and "Quantum Leap."

The nerve of him.

Shannon's Deal. Jamey Sheridan and Elizabeth Peña.

Anyhow, does anyone know where I can get Rock Follies or An Englishman's Castle tapes/DVDs?

Lets see:

Alien Nation
My So-Called Life
Dead Like Me
Dream On - from HBO

My So Called Life
Sports Night

Oho, it's funny!
auto parts

Add my vote for "The Job."

The Tick
Crusade (which was cancelled before they ever aired a single episode)

Max Headroom I stopped watching terestrial TV in the US when they canned it.

Oh and Firefly!

Vengeance Unlimited - an A-Team for the late 20th century, starring Michael Madsen as everyone.

Firefly - so frickin' awesome.

John Doe - they teased us by showing Digger as the bad guy in charge and then cancelled it?

Joan of Arcadia - it started out good, and it was getting even better.

Futurama - there was so much more material to be mined.

The Tick,the animated version, you gotta love his battle cry "SPOOOOOOON!"
Nowhere Man, very good and creepy
G vs. E, loved Deacon Jones in that one.

Have to second the mention of Brimstone- that was a great show. Gone after one season. what a shame.

The Flash
Max Headroom

The Tick (animated)
The Job
Kolschak: The Night Stalker
Duck Factory
Pink Lady and Jeff
Mama Mia
The Critic
King of the Hill
Babylon 5
Hot L Baltimore
Geeks and Freaks
Parker Lewis Can't Lose