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Chapter VI
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on the turning away


Sometimes I take a photo that seems ordinary or mundane to most everyone. Like this one, for instance. There's nothing striking about it, nothing emotional; it's just a run of the mill photo. Yet, there's something about it that makes it one of my favorites. Dunno. Just one of those things.

Maybe it's because she's leaving Saturday for a two week trip to California with her father, stepmother and stepsister.

Maybe I just figured out what's been up my ass for the past week or so.

Anyhow, I just like the photo.


What kind of camera are you using? It's a great photo!

Nikon Coolpix 5700.

If she's headed to Northern California (Sacramento area) tell her to be ready for some heat....it's 6 pm and 104 right now and temps are supposed stay the same all next week.


That's a terrific photo.

Ahhhhhhh, it all becomes clear now... 5-cents please.

That really is a great photo.

Black and White photos tend to capture something special that color photos miss. I don't know why, just seems that way.

dang, I was hoping it was going to be cheaper than that...

Great pic! Put it together with the Pink Floyd tune, and her leaving...

You can feel the emotion.

Mmm... great photo!

BTW... 102 on my patio (So Cal) today.

but ya know...it's a dry kinda heat.


I saw this one over on flickr and meant to comment. I love this picture. I don't know if it's the black and white or the wistful feeling or what, but it's a great pic! I can almost feel that gentle sea breeze from here.

Is she holding a camera? And it looks like she is standing. I, too, think it is a cool picture.

Yup, it's a good one.

That said, it reminds me of the Ring. Your daughter is creepy.

Yea, I was going for that oh, so cliche moment of taking a picture of someone taking a picture.

Your daughter is creepy.

Gee, thanks. I'll let her know you said so.

Just don't answer the phone in seven days, k?

I would have thought that in a family enamored with zombies (a compliment, by the way), being "creepy" would be a good thing.

It's not like they're the Adams family.

Beautiful photo. I almost want to use the word haunting.
Many times we take photos with one thing in mind and something completely different comes out of it.
When my daughter was 4 or 5, I took a photo of her at the beach. The sun was setting behind an overcast sky, the wind blew her hair into her face. She was wearing a Finding Nemo one-piece swimsuit. She was holding her plastic sand shovel. I was just getting one more photo in before we went home.

What came out was strikingly beautiful. I had a large print made and put it on the fireplace mantle.

You wouldn't believe the people who have seen that photo and told me that it's almost erotic . HELLO!? She's a PRESCHOOLER in a FINDING NEMO swimsuit! What is the matter with you people??!!!

But the reaction has been the same across the board, co-workers, church ladies, family. It would appear that I unwittingly took a cheesecake photo of my own daughter.

Anyway, I'm taking the photo down tomorrow. Too many weirdos out there. I just wanted to agree that sometimes the camera has a mind of its own.