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linkdump [updated]

It's raining like a mofo here. Thunder, lightning, darkened skies of the apocalypse, etc. Which always makes me introspective and morose, which isn't really a good time to write for an audience that likes laughter and cynicism and movies and music. Oh, speaking of music: about the underrated songs thing....yea. I have blog meme ADD. Something else caught my attention and I got stuck at number nine and who knows if I'll ever get back to it. Meh.

Time to clear up the "interesting links" folder.

Language is a virus
Shut up, Tim McCarver
I don't know why I saved this link to Robert Altman subtley molesting Lindsay Lohan. I just did.
47 ways the world could end
The Glory Hole
The Cartoonist
Cover Heaven
Thrilling Adventures

And, of course, words and pictures.

Got anything interesting? And I don't mean blog posts you wrote or links to your own blog. I just mean....interesting links. Things to peruse. Ideas to catch. Pictures to awe. People to emulate. Things to make you blink. Words to astound. Art to inspire. Flash to have fun with. Stories to make you feel surreal. I don't know. Just...stuff.

You know what's good for a day like this, a day when you're hallucinating due to sleep deprivation and the weather is making you feel like the endtimes are near? A liquid lunch. And nothing says liquid lunch like a Presidente Margarita. Chili's, here I come. someone else will drive, yes.

Oh, hey: Guess what I am?

You are Heroin (aka: smack, dope, brown sugar...).
You are the most dangerous drug between all
other kinds. You are bold, deep, dark,
mysterious, have your own world. You are
classified as class (A) illegal drugs.

What kind of Drugs are you? and how that reflect your personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

[link stolen from some author guy]

Update: Read this. Ok, I mean - Gaiman fans, read this.

Woo Woo called, wants you to know he's ok. Whew. Whew.


Interesting? How about this:

Mystery of Empty Chicken Sex Solved

No further comment needed.

Nothing interesting to add, because the "wedding nights outtakes" video I made out of boredom here at work is not online.

But I did want to say sweet use of the "Mofo"! Good to know it's still in usage.

I got something that made my day when I found it. Old Hardcore Grandma. grandma is a gamer with a foul mouth. And when i say gamer, she's a hardcore gamer, like you'd expect from a 13 year old or a stoned out college kid.



And nothing says liquid lunch like a Presidente Margarita. Chili's, here I come...

You need to compare it to Applebee's Perfect Margarita and report back.

Jim, the food at Applebees SUCKS.

The food at Applebee's does suck, except for the wings, which are OK.

And no margarita can compare to the PassedOutInYourBoxersIn2Hours™ margaritas served at my place. I have the recipe up the times somewhere, but my url is forbidden here since the Great Trackback Fiasco™ of 2005.

michele are you a Rangers or Islanders fan? Or have you totally turned your back on the game?

Jim, the food at Applebees SUCKS.

Ahem, did I ask you to eat anything?

Your update: The graphic novel is good but I have been at Nebula Awards. The depiction of them was too sedate and too many "normal" people in the room.

a coupla ones i've laughed at during the past week:

Stuff on my Cat

it's a moving sale!

or just win the weinermobile for a day.

I'm cocaine.

About The Glory Hole - it's located at the lake where we used to party when I was in high school. Lake Berryessa is huge - I think it's the largest man-made lake in the U.S.
The town of Monticello (which the dam is named for) was vacated in order to fill the lake; it's kind of spooky thinking that below the water there's a whole town full of houses and buildings and sidewalks....