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one last random thought

If I (under threat of bodily harm with gun held to my head) was forced to do karaoke in a bar I would probably choose Tom Waits' Ol' 55.


I'd do "Fish Heads" or something else that would leave people paying me never to do karaoke ever again.

I would sing "Mammaries" from Cats like Letterman does it.
Midight,and the kitties are sleeping....

Tom Jones's version of Prince's 'Kiss'

It's all about getting the panties and room keys tossed your way.

"The Joker" by The Steve Miller Band...which I actually did over Fourth of July. Did pretty good on that tune.

Shockingly, I did well on Oops, I Did It Again as well.

We've Only Just Begun - Karen Carpenter


I'd do Freebird, complete with air guitar.

If I had to pick a Tom Waits song, it would be Fumblin' With The Blues.

But (since it shames me utterly to admit this, I'll do it in public) I jokingly recorded myself singing that horrible American Idol song, and it sounded really good. I might have to pick that, because I think anyone could sing it and sound like a pro.

I normally do Elvis songs, but Tom Wait's "Late Night Evening Prostitute" is a favorite.

Bohemian Rhapsody cuz if someone is holding a gun to my head and making me sing karaoke, I've obviously died and gone to hell. Might as well start my time in eternity by getting all the really bad shit out of the way up front--things can only get better after that.

"I Got You" by Split Enz.

Great song thats super easy to sing.

Roger Miller's 'King of the road' - cause whoever was holding the gun might turn it on themselves pretty quick...

In all likelyhood, you'd sing it better than Waits, too. And I say that without ever having heard you sing.

My family is laughing at you, Bithead.

Anyone ever hear Sarah McLachlan sing it? Beautiful.

Big River by Johnny Cash

Yes, I know her work. I'm pondering Sarah doing '55'.... Hmmmm....

In college I did "Burning Love," badly but enthusiastically, in front of a packed house. Strangely enough, alcohol was involved.