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notes, stuff and whatnot

  • Did you see Family Guy last night? Best. Episode. Ever. Have you seen the Family Guy blog?
  • On the overrated songs thing:

a) Chill the fuck out, people. It's songs. I'm not attacking your children.
b) Can't do the Billy Joel. While I'm not a big fan of either Italian Restaurant or Captain Jack, they're not really BAD songs. In fact, I always thought they contained Joel's best lyrics. Or maybe my Long Island ties are just tied on too tight. Also, not doing Comfortably Numb. I really love that song. To each his own, right. However - the next song I do is going to really suprise the shit out of all of you. Something you would never, ever expect to come out of this keyboard.

So, yea. It's about 100 degrees out there. Remember when I complained about winter? Didn't mean it.


Are you actually going to dis something from Faith No More?


One diss of "Epic" coming up, I'm guessing... (What Is It?)

You people are so smart :)

After that you can hit "Candle in the wind " by Elton John

Well,We come for the gooey goodness and stay for the smarties.mmmm