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(9 of the) 13 most overrated songs

Songs 1-8 here.

9. The Doors - The End

Most people -including the originator of this list - would pick Light My Fire as the most overrated Doors song. Not me. Do you know how many people think The End is the greatest piece of poetry ever written? Well, I donít have an exact number for you, but suffice it to say itís a lot.

Again, confession time.

See, I was a Morrisonaholic. One of those people who thought Jim was the voice of a generation, a genius, a scholar, a poet, an icon to burn candles for and masturbate to thoughts of. Jim spoke to me. From beyond the grave. From the poster on my wall. You can see how I was easily swayed into believing this, right? There he was, in glorious black and white, shirtless, arms outstretched like a scarecrow martyr[Yes! That's the one!]. His eyes followed me around the room. He used to tell me things, whisper to me in the dead of night when the only light in the room was from the red-tinted bulb that pointed towards my Morrison shrine. When Jim whispered, he said things like You cannot petition the lord with prayer! Perhaps, like many other things I believed in my misspent youth, Boones Farm wine and Columbian Gold and purple microdot had something to do with my deranged ideas.

Anyhow, The End is probably the most quoted Doors song of all time. Itís quoted by pretentious potheads who think they are being deep and meaningful; by retro beatnik poets who carry tattered paperback copies of On the Road in the back pocket of their faded jeans; by psuedo-intellectuals who claim that Adlous Huxleyís Doors of Perception is the single greatest thing ever written by man; and by despondent, razor-weilding, confused, emotional teenagers who think they have this connection with Morrison, a connection with the sixties, man and hey, the blue bus is calling us.

Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby

The snake is long, seven miles

Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold

Do you know that otherwise intelligent people have spent entire weekends drinking vodka and deciphering those very lyrics? Hereís a news flash: Itís nonsense. No matter what you want to believe, no matter how allegorical and deep you think those words are, no matter how much Freud you studied or Smirnoffs you drank, those words are the magnetic poetry of the Age of Aquarius.

So, yea. The killer awoke before dawn and put his boots on and killed his mother. Or did he fuck her? Ohhh, the mystery! Fistfights have broken out over whether he fucked or killed her. Will we ever know? Of course not, because Morrison, realizing that he was nothing more than a sham, a bad poet and a bloated parody of his own idols, killed himself before he could tell us that, well, he had no fucking clue what he was saying there. He ad libbed it. Winged it. Made shit up as he was going along.

Iím not saying the Doors sucked in general. I was a big fan and I still dust off the albums once in a while. But if youíre over 18 and not hindered by drug addiction or alcoholism that may cloud your thinking and you still believe these words are the most powerful thing you ever heard, you might want to find the nearest bathtub and emulate your idol.

[4 more to go and still taking suggestions - I'm leaning towards a Billy Joel moment right now]


Just don't forget Rush!

Ok, I was with you until this one. I could care less about the poetry (or lack thereof) of the song -and I've NEVER had a discussion regarding the deeper meaning of ANY Doors song. Perhaps because I've never discussed it, I still like the song?

Actually Doors of Perception was more of an interesting documentation of a strong drug trip than anything "highly intellectual"...but you have to admit that Brave New World was waaaaaay ahead of it's time and definitely worth reading!

Oh absolutely. I read BNW twice before I got out of high school.

I finished "on the road" for the first time this spring.

It has reenforced my belief that the 60 generation is the biggest waste of time and effort and human beings in the history of the world.

I cannot wait until they all leave and the rest of America can begin to erase that worthless period from our collective memory.

Lucky you...I had never even heard of Huxley until college (yes, yes my college years were spent in a smoke filled haze, I'll admit it, but it is pretty fun to look back at all the stupid stuff we did then!)

how about a recent song? what was that song Rob what's-his-name (from Matchbox 20) did with Santana? i don't remember the actual name of the song, but it was the "give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it." song. gawd, i hate that song.

but everybody else loved it, because ooooo Rob what's-his-name. oooooo Santana - he's such a great guitarist. blah blah blah whatever.

I can't do the "I'm cool because I don't like stuff that other people think is cool." stuff anymore.

I mean do we really want to dress in black and hang out at the mall at our age?

Gee, Tim. I didn't know this an attempt on my part to be "cool" and stuff. I thought I was just following a blog meme and having some fun with old songs.

But you know what? YOU'RE cool because you made it known that you don't like kids who think they're cool because they make fun of things people think are cool. Ya know?

So instead of hanging out at the mall and dressing in black, you're sitting at the jock table making fun of the kids in black. How trendy.

...having said that...put me down for Roundabout by Yes, because, GACK, what the hell were they thinking?

Ohh suuuuuure. Timmer wants to hang out with the goths now!

Well that went better than I could have expected.

You simply can't plan awkward moments like that.

The jock table? snort...sure...me and the rest of my crew in faded jean jackets and ol' army coats...yeah...that was happenin'

Billy Joel, so many to chose from. I'd pick "Always a Woman", silly lyrics and the melody reminds me of those old Gerotol commercials.

I disagree with 'The End' but I associate that song with 'Apocalypse Now' and a local Philly band, Beru Revue, who did a great version of the song during their club shows. But I can understand your rationale.

Great music, lousy lyrics beats lousy music, great lyrics, imho.

Here are some other candidates for 'over rated'

Aqualung - Jethro Tull

Barracuda - Heart

Bad to the Bone - George Thoroughgood

I love rock and roll - Joan Jett

Pyromania - Def Leppard

Money - Pink Floyd

Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
for that matter "Abracadabra"

Just some thoughts

Knights in White Satin

Even better choice would be "nights" in white satin.

sorry - 'Rock of Ages',not Pyromania

- time to go listen to 'Teenage Wasteland'

A song from the second biggest album of all time should be on the list. I think "Thriller" would be a good choice. Especially since the much hyped (back then) video features the lamest zombies ever.

Agree about The End. It's what I call "mood music". Songs that capture imagination not because of what they say, but because of the way they feel. The entire August and Everything After album fell into this category, along with anything sung by Michael Stipe, and most of the (snicker) Beatles "deep" songs.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love August.., but don't go trying to tell me those lyrics are deep, because they're crap.

That being said, please don't choose Scenes From an Italian Resturant . Choose anything else from The Stranger if you will, but if you diss Scenes, I might have what we call in the south a 'hissy fit', and that ain't pretty.

Can you please include "The Wall" by Pink Floyd? Sure it has some cool bits, but its a total mess of a song. This falls into the same category as "American Pie" and "Stairway to Heaven" for me. Way to cryptic for anyone who hasn't seen that bad movie, or like me and saw it without chemical enhancement.

Billy Joel, eh? So much to choose from, but I'd stay away from easy targets like "We Didn't Start the Fire" and head toward something like "Pressure" or "Goodnight, Saigon" [Which certainly fits into the the "way too long" trend of this list...] (or even "The Stranger")

Michele, I know you like them so this suggestion is probably a waste of time but I loathe Radiohead, particularly TY. Yorke is a pretentious twat pontificating from Oxford and I reckon any/all of their songs could be on your list.

Mayonaise by the Smashing Pumpkins smells like its been sitting in a broken fridge for eight months on the same shelf as the onions and with the top off the jar.

Billy, you just signed your death warrant.

No one blasphemes Mayonaise and gets away with it.


Like I said in your last thread, all of Billy Joel would be more than fair. :) But the more egregious examples would have to include "Only the good die young" and "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" (ugh; shudder).

But maybe this is because I went to school with several thousand people from Long Island and Staten Island who just wouldn't get tired of playing those songs in the jukeboxes of every damn bar in town. :(

Years ago, Weird Al had a fantastic song called "Still Billy Joel to me."

Ian, that's my problem with Italian Restaurant. I went to school in Hicksville and hung out at THE village green, so I'm supposed to like this song and I just can't.

Can I throw in an obscure vote for the Proclaimers - I would walk 500 miles song? Why would you walk 500 miles and then 500 more to fall down at some chic's door? Shouldn't you just fly, rent a car and, I don't know, bring flowers?

The ridiculous logic of that song, compounded by one of the most irritating quasi-pop riffs make that song the worst song ever (on its merits - other songs may be worse because they were played to death and back . . . and back)

Mayonaise by the Smashing Pumpkins smells like its been sitting in a broken fridge for eight months on the same shelf as the onions and with the top off the jar.

Billy, Billy!; even I know enough not to mess with Michele's Mayo.

Can I throw in an obscure vote for the Proclaimers - I would walk 500 miles song? Why would you walk 500 miles and then 500 more to fall down at some chic's door? Shouldn't you just fly, rent a car and, I don't know, bring flowers?

Sort of off-topic, but that brings to mind the disbelief that I have that anyone would do anything other than pay the suggested retail price for a Klondike Bar.

Oh, and let me suggest "Smells like Teen Spirit" for the list.

Don't forget the Stones.

"Jumping Jack Flash"... three chords, over and over and over, it gives me gas.

"Sympathy for the Devil"... woo-woo a few dozen times does not make a song.

Leave Billy Joel alone. You've hung out on that village green, piano bars are really are depressing and Captain Jack will most definately get you high. Those are the only three songs anyone ever rated highly enough to be called overrated and it's just bullying to talk about "Uptown Girl" and the like.

I'm gonna go listen to Mayonaise right now to wash away Billy's foolish words. Then, I'm gonna put on "The End" and light my bic.

I always thought Scenes From an Italian Restaurant and Captain Jack were deep; especially the parts about buying the paintings from Sears and finding your father in the swimming pool. There's enough in those two songs for a college philosophy course.

Here's another vote for "Smells Like Teen Spirit." If Kurt had looked like Frank Black, no one would have heard of him either (present company excepted -- y'all know what I mean).

To me, "The End" is one of those songs that was indecipherable the first time, OK the second time, and then entirely unlistenable after that. The lyrics aren't worthless, they're just vague, and the meaningful parts are dime-store Freud. The music's OK but way to repetitive for a song that long.

The End ? Not The End !!! If you don't want to listen to the lyrics, don't ! The music is superb.

My vote goes to "Candle In The Wind" by Elton John... Sentimental crap song that he has milked more than once for cash.

How about just about anything by The Moody Blues or Emerson Lake and Palmer?

I'll acknowledge acceptions, but they haven't held up into the adult years as much as I thought they would and some of the songs we listened to over and over are just symphonic crap to me today.

Bob Dylan.

Huh? You only wanted one song? Ah, too bad. Maybe when you do an "overrated artists" list... :>

Captain Jack has some sentimental meaning to those who lived a life not unlike the song.

This is in no way an admission that my mom made my bed when I was 21, but you get the idea...

Classic Rock Stations routinely play songs that cause me to turn the radio into a mass of component parts. These are some of them:

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good; My life would have been better without this.

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me; Anything post Pyromania shouldn't have been made. The drummer losing an arm was not an accident. It was a sign.

Golden Earring(?) - Radar Love; Brutal.

Van Morrison/Every Crappy Coverband/Every DJ anywhere - Brown Eyed Girl - In and of itself not horrible, but made horrible by when, where, and how often one hears it, and by those that consider it their "favorite song." [By that I mean dumb drunk chicks}.

REO Speedwagon - Riding the Storm Out - I prefer the storm to drown me.

Garth Brooks - Thunder Rolls - Not played on classic rock stations, but remarkable in its suckiness and prevalence.

Basically any rap song (although to me it is not really music).

Thank you for hating Springsteen as much, if not more, than I do.

Tears running down my face never laughed so hard In the imortal words of Pee Wee Herman in Cheech and Chong's next movie " Bruce Springstein is really Fucking up rock and roll." Any thoughts on that song by the Brady Bunch somthing change? I don't know.