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I'll be getting to 9-13 of the overrated songs later this morning. Meanwhile, here's a question that was posed to me last night. I thought it would make for an interesting discussion.

If you could erase the memory of a movie for the sheer joy of seeing it again for the first time, what movie would it be?

Of course, my first reaction was Star Wars. To see that again, fresh and unknown, would be like seeing it through the eyes of a child. The whole opening sequence with the Star Destroyer coming into view - I'd love to relive that as a new experience. And in the same vein, I'd like to choose Revenge of the Sith simply because it was one of the best movie going experiences of my life, and that moment when the music started and the opening crawl appeared on the screen and yea, I had tears in my eyes - that's not something that happens to often in a movie theater - I'd love to experience that again.

And then I thought..no, what about Airplane! - to laugh at all those jokes as if it were the first time I heard them; to practically wet my pants at "The tower, the tower, Rapunzel!" - that would be sweet.

OR Army of Darkness, to experience the sheer joy of seeing comedy mixed with horror to such satisfaction, to hear all the cheesy lines for the first time, to see the movie without quoting the thing in its entirety as it plays out.

OR Jaws. To be frightened in all the right spots again, without knowing what's coming, to feel the nervousness as the music plays, to hold my breath as the girl goes under for the last time, to feel the panic rise as the beach is cleared out and the gut-wrenching horror as the torn raft comes back to shore; to not know what comes next.

OR Friday the 13th, just to once again feel that stunned surprise that horror movies these days fail to give you, to experience a good slasher flick before slasher flicks became cliche and boring, to freak the hell out again when Jason pops out of the water at the end - I haven't been literally frightened out of my seat like that since, it would be great to be actually scared by a movie again.

I'd probably go with Star Wars in the end. Maybe.



Raiders of the Lost Ark. And The Sting which was the first time in my young life I ever saw an audience applaud an ending.

I saw the Sting in the movie theater as well. I was eleven years old and didn't quite follow the whole plot, but I knew it was good. What I remember most the reaction of the audience, how I'd never seen people enjoy a movie so much.

I agree with you abotu Star Wars. It's a magical journey. Paris Texas to me was a really beautiful soulful journey to watch... Goodfellas is absolutely compelling... Apocalypse Now is pretty epic and provocative... I'd love to enjoy all of those movies for the first time again...

A River Runs Through It.
I grew up in Montana so it was like returning home when I saw stretches of the same rivers I had fished in my youth, and the characters talk about about places I knew. One of my favorite movies of all time.

Definitely "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

I'd go with Memento. It was so cool the first time, and still pretty cool the second time (if you've seen the movie, you know why a second viewing is warranted, but I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it). But after that, I never had the same awe again.

For me, Airplane, or perhaps The Princess Bride.

It does bring up another question, though - what movies do you make an effort to make sure DJ has seen? I've been showing my daughter things like (among others) Guys and Dolls, Cat Ballou, and Casablanca. Her comment after one comedy was that moviemakers had "more taste" back then.

That's a great question, wheels. Maybe I'll use that as the basis for a post tomorrow.

Yup,Wheels ,I track that,and that is how I re-experience my faves,through my 8 year old.We watched the first Star Wars three years ago anf it was great.Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail a few weeks ago,Princess Bride,all are a fabulous experience for us both and when she "gets it" I am just ecstatic.I can hardly wait till she is ready for Arplane.And when she is in the back yard,singing the "Raiders' theme while she swings from a rope I want to cry.

Cat Ballou?! I am so ashamed that I've forgotten that movie. It's funny your daughter mentions taste when the only other movie I can think of that had strumming narrators was There's Something About Mary. (Unless you count Roger Miller's narration in Waterhole #3)

Don't get me wrong, I like tasteless humor next to the next immature "40 somthing" (e.g. Michele); but it would be nice to see more "tasteful" movies that AREN'T God-awful boring like today.

Maybe Star Wars, but I have a feeling that I would need a time machine so I could watch it again at age 8. Watching it now for the first time, I'm afraid I would have the same reaction that friends who didn't see it as kids have when seeing it now - the acting is well, really bad. And while the SFX sequences stand up well, some of it doesn't (i.e. the video displays and those anachronisitc buttons on Vader's breastplate). It all seems like a trip to the arcade in 1981. I'd probably pick Airplane!; I still laugh at the jokes. BTW, if you haven't heard it, NPR had a great interview with the creators on Friday's All Things Considered.

Usual Suspects, so I can relive the feeling I got when I looked at the bulletin board and said "Oh, Man."

Usual Suspects yes! I was really trying to think of something and that is definately it. Also, being a theatre guy I would have to say Moulin Rouge would be awesome to see for the first time again.

The Godfather
Being There
MCabe and Mrs. Miller
Young Frankenstein

Blazing Saddles
3 Musketeers (Michael York version)
A Man for All Seasons
The Mummy (modern version)

Gone With The Wind
Any of Christopher Guest's movies - Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind
A Christmas Story
Thelma and Louise

How about this question: if you could erase everything you know about Star Wars and start over, would you (a) watch the movies again in order of release, (b) start with Episode I, or © just ignore I and II and start with Episode III?

Crank,if I started with EpI I would never make it to EpIV

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I'd be curious to see if I still think it is the funniest film ever made.

Star Wars, of course. And yes, one needs a kind of time machine because the difference between 1977 and now in terms of special effects have jaded everyone. But I was 23 when it came out and I was absolutely blown away. Dragged friends to it, family to it, sat in theaters by myself to watch it.


It was one of the few movies I have attended where the audience burst out in cheers and applause (when the Death Star exploded).

Another movie that had that effect on the audience ... the original Planet of the Apes. The ending (pure gold Rod Serling) stunned the audience.

Sentimental favorite: The Quiet Man ... I would love to see that on the big screen and fall into all that glorious Irish countryside rendered in full Technicolor.

Well, my daughter's about to start her senior year in high school, so I can't introduce her to things like Star Wars anymore. Heck, if she weren't working weekends this summer, we'd probably have gone to the local Rocky Horror showing down the street by now.

I just feel that there are a lot of good movies that you don't hear about anymore, and I want Cheryl to have experienced some of them. Some of them (Stalag 17, The Grand Illusion, etc.) are hard sells, though.

..showin' my age here, but I'd probably go w/ 2001-A Space Odyssey. Yeah, the ending light show was great, but even moreso was the longest jump cut on record (4 million years), the absolute best sfx model work ever, and the soundtrack.

And "...take a stress pill and think things over...", which was a take off on a contemporary coffee ad (as I recall).

Also, the physical sensation of floating in space at the opening title (I was sitting front-row balcony, so I was looking straight at the earth while the sun rose and the moon floated down..., a perfect optical illusion that fooled me into feeling like I was floating).

Yup, 2001.

Star Wars, but like several others, I'd need a temporary 28 year age reduction so I could see it again at 7.

Others might include Aliens.

Or South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut just for the sheer incredulity of, OMG, they made this a musical?! Followed by 1.5 hours of breathing difficulty because I was laughing so hard.