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I can't be the only person who has the hots for Jim Cantore.


[Dennis coverage at TCP]

Speaking of weather people.


Not I.

But until now I didn't know J-Lo worked for The Weather Channel.

We (everyone I know) hate Jim Cantore.

Not because of anything he does or has done, but because anytime he shows up in your neighborhood you have a 50/50 chance of losing your home.

that and he has been living in Florida for the last year.

Jim Cantore was doing the weather on The Weather Channel when I was in fifth grade...back in 1988.

I like the blond chick who's been on Fox news this afternoon.

That's a great look at the women at Fox News!!

My favorite 90 seconds of news is when Jane Skinner and Shephard Smith "chat" every afternoon.

Jim Cantore is the hotness.

About fifteen years ago, he had a goatee. Oh my goodness. He was even hotter.

Oh my. (fanning face)

Jim Cantore is a cutie, but my heart belongs to Mike Bettes. He was broadcasting from Destin, FL, one of my favorite places. He's usually on TWC in the evenings on the West Coast.

I saw Cantore last night, man that guy was getting soaked. He must love doing the hurricane bit; I'm sure the Weather Channel has someone with less seniority who could be sent to do that job.

I would wholeheartedly agree with FJBill. She's almost certainly the most attractive woman on TV, including everybody.