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Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Night Random Ten Playlist

[continued/extended from last night - and the night before]

I've run headfirst into a bout of insomnia, the likes of which I have not seen since 1999. As such, brain is fried. More overrated song blogging tomorrow. For those looking for further installments of the suburbia stories, perhaps tomorrow as well.

And now, day four of the random playlist/whatcha listenin' to thing.

This is very easy to do now. Not only will this display my last ten winamp songs for me, but it changes as I listen, so you can keep up with my sometimes cool, sometimes embarassing playlist. I've moved all the Air Supply and Broadway tunes to another folder so as not to give witness to my dorkiness.

If you use audiscrobbler, you can get this for your blog as well. Just go here.

What are you listening to now? I mean right now. This very second.



Awesome song. One of my top five Zep songs.

Electric Ocean by The Cult

"Between the Buttons" by The Rolling Stones

Actually it was "My Obsession" and now "Who's Been Sleeping Here" started.

"What's The Matter With You" - Split Enz

The Calling - "For You"

With or Without You - U2.

Holst:the Planets - Jupiter just segued into The Ecstasy of Gold(Morricone)from Metallica's S&M album. Very eclectic tastes.

Archie by Lovage, which I believe I downloaded from another old mp3 post of yours. Amazing song, I love it. Thank you.

Istanbul (Not constantinople) - They Might Be Giants

I love Richard Cheese. I am a teacher, and every once in a while I will put one of his CDs in with my honors class. The kids love his covers of popular music.

you are aware one imagines that air supply are currently stranded in cuba s hurricane muthafucka thrashes around them. Bring them forth from the dorky folder and let their chimes ring true for freedom, for fabulous hair, for making love out of nothing at all...

Immune Deficiency by Rail

What, pray tell,is wrong with Broadway tunes? How about some Phantom of the Opera? Heck, I'll even listen to Disney songs and a little Country and Western mixed in with my 1970s Japanese pop - anything but rap because that's just not music.

Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A, K622. Oops, just finished...now up - Satie Gymnopedies #1 and 3

The Outlaw Torn by Metallica

IMHO Load is the best album put out by Metallica.

IMHO Load is the best album put out by Metallica.

*blink *

NIN - Hurt

Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt wasn't bad either.

La Villa Strangiato
really really loud

"The Big Sky" by Kate Bush into "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus

imagine that - ani difranco

The voices in my head.

"I Felt Like a Gringo" by the Minutemen.

The Edge of Darkness - Iron Maiden

Dropkick Murphys - Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced

'Poison' by Groove Coverage (cover of the Alice Cooper classic)

"4 degrees" by tool

Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number

"Soco Amaretto Lime" by Brand New (thanks, Michele!) into "Bitch" by Sevendust into "Take on me" (punk cover of the Ah-Ha song) by MxPx ... though I went on a pretty long Kate Bush bender this afternoon.

I'm using that generated playlist on my blog, too, so visitors can see what I'm listening to. It's a nifty little tool! Thanks for pointing us to it!

All the good times, baby, I've been misusing...

...Wanna Whole Lotta Love!

an Outback commercial and my Russian tortoise crunching his veggies

Rhett Miller, "Come Around"

NRBQ - RC Cola and a Moon Pie

Lou Reed: This Magic Moment // Lost Highway Soundtrack

Beceause of you, damn it, American Pie. Had to listen to the lyrics to title the post linking back to your hilarious list.

I'm using that generated playlist on my blog, too, so visitors can see what I'm listening to. It's a flag nifty little tool! Thanks for pointing us to it!