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sad balls


So I took that picture when we took the kids bowling last night (click for bigger size).

It makes me really sad and I don't know. It's freaking bowling balls against a dirty wall. Yet, I find it so depressing.



"It's not easy....being green..."

I think it's a metaphor for the stages of separation. Especially in the relationship sense...

either way there's something very inviting about the picture. Nice shot.

I think I'll just jam my knees together and walk into the other room

/exit, stage left

It's cause they are green. When did alley balls turn green? They were always black when I was bowling. Dingy black, and scuffed and dinged up, so you had no idea how or why they would roll the way they did, even if you laid them down in the same spot in the same way every time.

It was like slot-machine bowling - you never knew if you would break 200, or not even get a spare for the game. And the black dingy balls were the key to your random bowling experience, and it was fun.

When did they turn green? Green isn't fun.

Look! Olives for my martinis!