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Ongoing coverage at TCP

Update: Terrorism has been confirmed. TCP coverage moved to GWoT page.


Good work, over there. Looks like you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

I donít travel to London often, I havenít been there for years and I have no need to go there now. In fact after today you could say I had a good reason to stay away.

Which is why as early as possible on Saturday my wife and I will be leaving our lovely car at home and getting on a train in order to travel the hundred or so miles to central London. Where we will take a few touristy sights in, certainly take a trip in the London eye, hit some bookshops, enjoy a nice open-air dinner and generally enjoy ourselves in one of the worldís finest cities.

Because the vermin behind today would hate that.
Because Iím British and I guess thatís what we do when you try and scare us.
Because I may lose a battle, but I will never surrender or refuse to fight.
Most of all, because today someone bombed London. If they hadnít, I wouldnít be going, but now every Islamic terrorist on earth couldnít keep me away.

Bloody hell I'm pompous when I try.

Sorry Michele, please delete the above comment, far too much Vodka yet again.