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1. For those who have inquired: No, I will not be participating in the Blogathon this year. On the date of the event (Aug. 6) I will be tucked away in an internet-free, lakefront house in Roscoe, NY, far from civilization, shoved deep into the woods, surrounded by fish and newts and majestic trees and bats and my family, the same vacatation I've taken almost every summer since 1969 or so and the only kind of vacation I ever long to take.

2. A question of the day for Yankee fans.

3. Yes, I am still working on the suburbia story. I haven't been posting it because I didn't think anyone was interested. Also, I've been reading David Sedaris books and it's making feel lame, incompetent and inferior. But I can't stop reading because his books are so damn good.

4. Bush

And the attempt to completely hiatus rather than semi hiatus continues. It's a slow process.


Just an annoying brainstorming suggestion, feel free to delete it (I'm away from e-mail): What about posting your suburbia story in a self-contained fashion on a separate page? Fiction flows differently from normal blog entries; it might be cool to have it in a first-to-last sequence, with a more "bookish" font. Perhaps with photos, and maybe some illustrations from your husband? It would be a good way to make use of the 'net as a self-publishing medium, while retaining some things that make books books.

Or, you could tell me to shove the suggestion up my ass. Either way, it's all good.

All the more contributions going through me, then. ;)

"Roscoe" ...
hmm, Roscoe....

I light out to Deposit. Nothing there but a lake.

For what it's worth- I enjoy your stories and am looking forward to reading the rest of the suburbia tales.

Don't mistake the lack of comments for disinterest, Michele. I'm not necessarily one of those "cheerleader" type commenters - when I feel compelled to comment on one of your posts, it's to add a different perspective. But just because you don't hear me saying "Wow....I really like that" doesn't mean I'm not thinking it.

What I am thinking is "Can I have more please?"

Stop in at the Roscoe Diner and say hey for me. Have a great time

Don't you mean "thought showers," Hubris?