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May the Fourth Be With You

Learn: Taking photos of fireworks with a digital camera

Watch: Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi. (Walking Distance, the episode pictured in my header, is on at 6pmEST - Time Enough at Last is on at noon)

Write: Theres a bit of a holiday them over at 100 words. If you have 100 words to spare, give it a whirl.

Listen: Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy

the works

Be: Safe, cautious, happy.


all the best to you and yours Ms Michele!

Happy 4th, Michele! May the hotdogs be crisp, the Guiness cold and the fireworks take your breath away.

Same to everyone!

[going outside humming a Sousa march]

Happy 4th!

Thanks for posting the photo instructions. I was just going to go drink and watch fireworks from a rickety fire escape. Instead, I drank a bunch of beer and took photos from a rickety fire escape.


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