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comfortably numb

Yesterday's amazing, stupendous, heart-warming, hopeful* performance by Pink Floyd, from a feed uniterrupted by MTV assholes.

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (download)

[courtesy of a TFark buddy, thank you]

*hopeful as in a tour? new album? maybe? please?


Oh THANK YOU for this. I have been trying to get any piece of the Floyd performance...I keep missing it in the streeming replays, no one seemed to have clips that weren't from MTV...thank you!

I hope that Roger and the boys were able to settle some things...they belong together. Although I still count as my second best concert experience Pink Floyd at Yankee Stadium in the early 90s. the sound was amazing from every seat in the place.

Yes, Thank you very much!

Now what can we do about MTV?

Oh. My. God.....this is awesome.

MTV deserves whatever they get, and I hope they get raked over the coals.

Another heartfelt thank you! (And please pass the thanks to the TFark buddy.)

The Live 8 concerts were carried on the CTV network in Canada, and they did a fairly decent job of it, I think... and the Pink Floyd section came through quite well. They also had a Live 8 highlights show after the concerts were finished, which had some of the performances we couldn't see because they were at the same time as something else which was carried live.

Not that I ever condone torrents but here is a torrent to the whole performance


I saw an article earlier today saying that Dave and Nick both ruled out any more reunions. Dave has said in the past few years that he had no plans to do any more Floyd stuff.

Yep, terrific show, horrific cut-in to the announcers, no more reunions unfortunately according to Gilmore. It was a nice moment though.

What a surprise... AOL gets kudos for streaming Live8, both live and archive, and MTV gets bashed all over the net.

Is this the 7th sign??

I missed it.


aol. streaming. duh.

nice job on Comfortably Numb.

Gilmour isn't the biggest monster who ever played a strat, but damn, his style is all his own.

In a word awesome, their last appearance at Earls Court London in 1998ish. saw a better and slightly longer 'Comfortably Numb' with the spotlight behind onto Dave Gilmour and everything else in total darkness, I wish i was there as i only have it on video.

I read an interview with Gilmour that when he was asked how it felt to be playing with Roger Waters again he said "it was like sleeping with your ex-wife." I can't find it now, did anybody else see it?