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One More Live 8 Thought

Pink Floyd sounds fucking AMAZING. Holy shit. This is awesome.

That is all.

Ok, they look like they live in my grandfather's nursing home. But they sound like twenty years ago. My son is freaking out. He's getting to see Pink Floyd play live (on tv, yea, but you know what I mean).

yea, i came close to tears during wish you were here. you can't understand.

P.S. MTV SUCKS. They TALKED over Comfortably Numb. Idiots.

I just have to say it so it's abundantly clear: MTV's coverage of Live 8 SUCKED. And they topped off the suckfest of stupid hosts and shoddy coverage of the music by TALKING OVER COMFORTABLY NUMB.

/shakes fists at MTV.

Update: A few hours later and I'm still livid. Go figure. A MUSIC station which seems to know nothing about MUSIC. Who cuts away from Gilmour solo? Who cuts away from Pink Floyd at all during their freaking reunion? Who cuts away from Pete Townsend as he's doing his windmills? I'll tell you who. A station that has fallen so far from what it started as that it is unrecognizable. A station that thinks Little John is rock star. They are the laughing stock of the world right now, I'll tell you that. Check blogs, message boards, listen to radio stations - no one is talking about Live Aid, per se - they are talking about what a buttfucking MTV gave to Pink Floyd and how godawful their coverage of this major music event was. Tools.

Yea, I'm supposed to be on this semi-hiatus. But I'm all kinds of pissed off.

Live 8


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Damn! The rest of it sucked so bad, I forgot to turn it back on to watch Pink Floyd! Arghhhh!

I had a feeling they would be the cream of the crop. Wish You Were Here always chokes me up, too.

It was amazing..I'm glad Roger and the boys put their differences away for a day for this cause. Now is it too much to ask for them to put their differences away for a tour???

The whole MTV broadcast has been an embarrassment to the network (which should be used to embarrassingly crappy productions).

Nobody is tuning in to watch all the MTV wankers blather about how big the crowd is or whatever. They want to see and hear the music. Leave it to MTV to screw that up.

I never ever thought I'd say "Thank God for AOL"! Not only did they stream the cities live, but they're replaying them all right now. I think Toronto's the only one still going live. I don't think I've missed Neil Young, yet.

Watched on BBC 1 here in the UK and it was excellent! I love Pink Floyd and they certainly were the best band of the day! All I want now is to stay reformed and release a new album!;)

I hear ya, Sol. Been enjoying the AOL webcast all day.

I wrote something VERY similar as I was equally as OUTRAGED AT both MTV AND VH1.

Bastards. Idiots. Idiots and bastards.

Yeah, the coverage sucked. Not only did they yak over the good parts, but they kept cutting AWAY from David Gilmore during his guitar solos. Same with Pete Townsend--they cut to the drummer when Pete did his windmills.


The M in MTV stands for Morons now.

A station that thinks Little John is rock star.

Oh, all right. "YAAAAAAAY-UHHHHHH!!"

I suspect the crap coverage has to do with EMI getting exclusive rights to market DVD's for the shows this fall. Making it all disjointed and interrupted sounds like an agreed upon strategy to prevent people from recording it in a watchable form now and boost sales later. (/art bell caller).

Whatever the case, I agree, it sucked mucho grande.

I've got the full download at my site. Incredible.

Yeah, the rest of it (bar Robbie Williams) was exceedingly crap. I was amazed at how bad it was at times. Nothing like making a complete tit of yourself in from a few billion people.

"The M in MTV stands for Morons now."


I was horrified when they interrupted the music to grin and chit-chat but I agree that this was all planned so it can be sold on DVD later.

I was FURIOUS at MTV when they cut in over Comfortably Numb. Then when they came back to Philly they showed one part of Stevie Wonder and then cut in to say "Stevie Wonder, you can't get much better than that." Well, I KNOW you IDIOT, but you won't let me watch!!!

I watched the replays on AOL and caught the whole Pink Floyd performance. Absolutely amazing. It was pointed out to me that most of their break up was over writing; so maybe if they don't write anything they can deal with each other and go out on tour...please?

Fortunately I was watching on the Beeb and they showed the whole Floyd performance sans interuptions. For once, the Beeb actually did live coverage rather well indeed. (Well besides the sycophantic interviews.) I feel for any of you having to watch MTV fuxxored things up. How was the Deep Purple set?

i take it live 8 was not broadcast in the usa?

yeah, horrible coverage, aol was much better

AOl absolutely blew me away. Not only unedited full coverage of six different cities, but the quality of the streams are great and they handled the volume of traffic without a hiccup!

I captured the streams for all 7 webcasts and am watching them on my TV. They're still looping all of the broadcasts if you want to do the same.

One disappointment with the webcasts is that the Torronto closing didn't seem to make it to the webcast so I never saw Niel Young.


I think Kurt Loder just shows up. He use to be a respected music journalist. I say use to. It's been a while. Now, he is just calling it in and in his head.

Morons at MTV - That is what the M stands for.

This makes me nostalgic for the days before dvds, when they had to show the entirety of a live performance (eg, during the original Live Aid) because the idea of blatantly treating the show like a commercial for a later release was too low even for the inhuman creatures that ran the music industry even back then.

MTV= Moron-run Television. Sumner Redstone is a joke.

Live 8 was this weekend?


I'm glad to know I am not alone in my contempt for MTV. They lack the guts to actually show the event like they did in '85, which showed even the groups with which we Americans weren't immediately familiar.

It's equally sad that I use the term 'guts' to describe broadcasting live performances of rock bands on the world stage.

MTV was too busy casting the mirror back on itself with it's weak, weak, WEAK hosts.

An interview with a dullard like Jimmy Fallon? That's never appropriate; especially when bands are performing!!!

I can remember when MTV was born and their first broadcasts.

Now I can say I saw MTV die.

Everyone, everywhere, should boycott MTV/VH1 and anyone remotely connected to them.

"Everyone, everywhere, should boycott MTV/VH1 and anyone remotely connected to them."
There's an online petition suggesting just that:


I have been boycotting them for a long time...ever since they canned Headbanger's Ball. VH1 is complete cack as well these days.

MTV. Assholes, assholes, assholes.

You'd think that a network devoted to MUSIC would have some clue as to what the hell they're doing.

First I'm staring at the TV not believeing I'm seeing and hearing The Who playing "Won't Get Fooled Again", then they cut out before the end of the song because, probably, some 20-something dweed in the control booth thought the song was "over". I was livid...paced up and down the floor yelling FUCK! over and over. Incredible.

Then...Pink Floyd...I was back on cloud nine...and then the stupid fucking dweeb pulls the same stut on Comfortably Numb.

All I can say is...look at who's hosting and take a leap of faith about who's in the control booth....people who don't understand the music they're listening to.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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