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Perfomers at Live 8 - the Concert to Stop Poverty and Hunger and whatnot - will be receiving gift bags worth 12,000 dollars. They will also dine on char-grilled dry aged beef, tea-smoked spare ribs and chicken and ginger dumplings.

Feed the world.


Madonna shows the true altruistic, benevolent, peaceful, world-inspiring spirit of Live 8.


Feed the world.


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Are the Live8 concerts being classified as charitable non-profit events? If so, then the contents of these gift baskets can be written off by these companies.

That's right. Giving a $16,000 freebie to a spoiled rotten rich celebrity is deductible when handing a bum a dollar isn't.

I've decided not to pay any attention to this Geldof wank-fest. It's not going to change anything - they're hoping a massive concert influences world leaders to "end poverty now!", as if they've been holding out on doing so and this will make them say, "Aw hell, I guess they're right."

It's a bunch of self-important jackasses indulging one another so they can pat each other on the back as they walk off with their $16k gift bags.

That money should have been donated to (wait for it...) IMPOVERISHED NATIONS!


Wow, look what I'm not watching. Go me.

So this Live 8 thing. This is some sort of music thing?

Madonna needs more bling!

I also understand that Geldof would not allow alchohol at the fest but there is a private bar for the performers.

Most of the aid given to Africa has been stolen by corrupt dictators. Kofi and the gang ripped off billions from the Iraqi people. Companies get sued, victims get coupons, lawyers rake in millions.

There are some legitimate organizations that do get aid to the people who need it. I doubt this is one of them.

Wait. Performers are getting $12,000 gift baskets, and Geldof was pissed off about non-celebs auctioning off tickets on eBay? Apparently the only Westerners Geldof considers worthy of getting money out of Live 8 are millionaires. I now regret calling him a wanker for whining about eBay. I should have used a much stronger pejorative.

Kanye West performed “Jesus Walks” in front of an all-female string section outfitted in black skirts and dark stripe-like masks over their eyes. He delivered some of the harshest words of the day, lamenting “politicians who drive home in their Bentleys every night and watch thousands of Africans die.”

So I wonder what he got in his goody bag?

Yeah, I'm being real glad to be out in the (Philly) 'burbs today.

So...Madonna wears an 'M' necklace? And where's that red string, Esther?

I found the female string section odd, btw. However I thought that was makeup not 'stripe masks'. Could be wrong, pretty odd either way.

I ain't watching either. I'm all for the cause, but I'm sure that the politicos have been holding the world to ransom just because they want a Pink Floyd comeback or they wanted to see Geldorf's face again. And I'm sure the artists in question are all doing it for the cause and that the publicity, exposure and extra vote for their canonisation as saints when they die had nothing to do with it.

And yes, I am a cynical bastard :)

The red string denotes her involvement studying the Kabala. There’s a lot of celebs wearing red strings now days. Hollywood is filled with people of the ilk of Tom Cruise and Madonna with a religious organization to pamper them while being tax deductible for these concerned citizens.

It a Den of (well you know). There’s a mirror site in Washington D.C. for politicians.

I think the address is Goats Head Inc., 666 Snake Road, Eville, DC