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quick review

Hey, Nostradamus! by Douglas Coupland


You know how Dave Eggers wrote a book called A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius? Well, Eggers should call up Coupland and say, "Hey, here's my book title, I think you should have it."

Because it is.

Also by Coupland, and recommended by me:

Girlfriend in a Coma
Life After God
Generation X


you didn't like all families are psychotic, or haven't read it?
GIAC is my personal favourite - every time I get myself into a heavy rut, I remind myself of that book, and that people and dreams do and should chance as they age, and that being what you were when you were 17 now that's yr 30 is not the way to work the world out.

That's my next Coupland book to read. Right now I'm going to read some Sedaris and then get to AFAS. GIAC was definitely my favorite of all. I want to have Coupland's babies.

I have read every Coupland Book, and liked everyone except maybe Life After God. Girlfriend in a Coma was kind of strange, but interesting and Hey Nostradamus was excellent.

He has matured a lot since Generation X.

Have you read Polaroids From the Dead yet?

I, too, want Coupland's seed. Wanna fight?!?! :)

I'd share with you ;)

Mike, haven't read it yet, but it's in my Summer Reading pile.

I swear. I didn't think other people have heard of Coupland. Everytime I mention him, I get a blank stare. I loved Hey Nostradamus, Microserfs and Generation X.

Of course I lot of people I talk to are stupid and don't actually know what books are so there is that. I am so glad I know that others like him.

Ah dinnae ken aboot 'Polaroids fae the dead.' It wis pure shite compared tae 'Gen X', 'Girlfriend in a cooma' n 'microserfs.' Ah dinnae want tae read aboot people at a Dead concert, Ah kin hardley stand hippies as it is. Th'only thing aboot 'Girlfriend in a cooma' it turned intae pure sci-fi n goat kinda wierd. Ah am intae sci-fi, dinnae git me wrong. It jist goat a little radge, ye ken? Otherwise it wis a good book. GenX wis rad.

Hey Nostradamus! is definately my favorite Coupland book, and I have read all his fiction. Coupland is as close as my generation has come to producing another Kurt Vonnegut... and I'd even sy Coupland is more fun to read because he is able to present the truth-as-he-sees it without all the preachy moralizing that Vonnegut attempts. The moralizing in Coupland's books, to the extent that it exists, is not read as "you should be this way or be ashamed" it is read as "when humans don't act human, tragedy ensues". And he has a lot to say about dealing with tragedy. Call it postmodernism or whatever... to me, it is closer to Aesops Fables.

And the guy is just so damn good at telling stories.

One of my favorite authors. Glad to see there are others!