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Don't Stop Believin'

I was just about to write a post/list when I realized I already did that list about a year ago.

And then it occurred to me that I have nothing left to say. I've been calling it in for at least a week. Sleepblogging, if you will.

Time out.

There will be fiction here daily and most likely photos and reminders to go visit 100 words. So if that's your kind of thing, you're welcome to stop by. Other than those things, I've got nothing. My lists have run dry. My desire to look up interesting links has waned. And today, as I was driving home from work with the sun roof open and all the windows down and my too-long hair whipping around my face and Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" on the radio, turned up to maximum volume, I knew that I was one "streetlight, people" away from losing my mind.

If and when I find something interesting to blog about, I will. I'm just not going to force myself to do it every day. Too much like work. Too much like making my brain do things it doesn't want to. Not enough like summer.

Journey on the car stereo, cranked up with no sense of shame? That's like summer.


Have fun.

Take a break, michele - everyone's entitled to a vacation. And when the muse strikes, you don't ignore it...I'll look forward to reading more of your writings.

Go and replenish the well. We'll still be here.

Before you go, or as the mood strikes, could you at least review that zombie flick?

Some of us are waiting with bated breath

Hey, this is not "Smells Like Teen Spirit (i.e Here we are now, entertain us). We appreciate the fact that you have a life. The fact that you have a life and share bits of it with us allows this blog to exist.

But the life comes first - and its your blog. You do what you want to do. We'll be around.

Michele, you do what you need to do. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Hey, we're not going anywhere (which sounds sad but, really, was meant to make you feel better. ;-) ).

Crap. I can't say it any better than it's already been said.

Anyway, be happy and stuff.

I knew that I was one "streetlight, people" away from losing my mind.

Michele, you've got a way of making me laugh. "Streetlight, people," is--indeed--a phrase that's seared, seared in my memory. :-)

God, I just listened to that on the way to work tonight! That, and a rocking Spanish version of "Hey Mickey".

By the way, there is no such thing as "too-long" hair on a woman.

Blog Burnout :)

Hey, if it feels good, go with it.

Rest up and have fun, that is what summer is all about.

I agree with Bumper, I need a zombie movie review!

"sleepblogging". You hid it well. Take care, enjoy the summer.

And I still had "Don't Stop Believin'" in my head from that Star Wars video.

Everyone runs on empty now and then. Enjoy the break.

Michele, can you email me your new mailing address? I've got that book for you.

This would be a perfect opportunity to plug my own blog, as if it is even remotely 1/100th as good as Michele's, which it isn't.

How mortifying! I am so ashamed at this shameless self-promotion, I've even deleted the URL from this comment.

I remember "Time Enough At Last" as a song by that British new-wave band (or maybe soloist), The Fall (1991-2). Usually the Fall were/was too artsy for me but THAT song was beautiful.

Enjoy your vacation!

I've burned out and returned at least twice now, and you've been blogging a lot longer than I have. Everybody needs a break now and then, and in my opinion, that's why God invented summertime. And Journey. (And the occasional, guilty ELO or Asia song).

Go and be of light heart. I've really been enjoying the Suburbs stuff, BTW; I can relate in a BIG way, and attest to its veracity. U ROXXORS GF!1!!!!!1

ELO is guilty? Damn.

Jeff Lynne is definitely guilty for screwing up the last few Beatles songs - he should have gotten life or The Chair for that.

You'll want to post about this, I think.

For $10,000, Woman Tattoos Ad on Forehead

When you're ready, that is.

No explanation needed other than:

'Cause it's summer
Summer time is here
Yes it's summer
My time of year...

Have a good one!

Bein' a relative newbie to the wonders of ASV, it makes me a little sad. But being human, and a blogger? I totally get it. I have no idea how you've managed to keep up this pace, this long. One post a day for me is all I can handle.

If you enjoy your summer 'vacation' half as much as I've enjoyed your blog, it'll be swell, indeed.

Don't stop believin'.