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name that game

Stemming from a discussion about coin-op games last week (or the week before), I made this Name That Coin-Op Game image.

Each image represents a a coin-op arcade game from the 80's. Some of the images are cropped from screen shots of the actual game, some from the title screen and some from the logo that appeared on the game cabinet. Some are easy and obvious, others a bit more obscure.

I've been working on this for a week. I lost the paper where I wrote down all the answers. You're on your own.

click for bigger.

One note: I really like making these games (I also did one for father's day) -if you want to suggest other categories for me to create games for, feel free.


1. Arkanoid
2. Donkey Kong Jr.
3. Joust
4. Q-Bert
5. Tempest
7. Pac-Man World?
8. Castlevania?
9. Elevator Action
10. Tron
11. Punch Out?
12. Dig Dug
13. Time Pilot?
14. Gauntlet
15. Mappy
16. Dragon's Lair
17. ?
18. Return of the Jedi
19. (A shooting game)?
20. Food Fight
21. Centipede
22. Frogger
23. Robocop?
24. Asteroids
25. Bubble Bobble
26. ? (A shooting gallery game.)
27. ?
28. (Root Beer) Tapper
29. Defender
31. Galaga
32. Tetris
33. Zaxxon
34. Excitebike
35. Rally-X
36. Wrestling??
37. Lunar Lander
38. Popeye
39. Choplifter
40. ?
41. Super Mario Bros?
42. Ghosts and Goblins

3. Joust
4. Qbert?
10 Tron
11 Punch-Out?
12 Dig Dug
19 Duck Hunt?
22 Frogger
23 Robocop
29 Defender
28 Tapper
35 Pole Position
41 Mario

I know 24 but can't figure it out. Grr. 39 looks like a GI Joe thing although I don't remember a GI Joe stand-up.

Building on Eric's entry:

19. Hogan's Alley
36. TMNT

And 40 might be Street Fighter. (Or some such similar fighting game.)

7. Ikari Warriors
17. Ninja Gaiden
27. Klax

Ok. I'm done staring at this thing. The rest I leave to you.

They're all from Burgertime.

Heck, if they have fried eggs on burgers, I figure they'll toss all that crap on a bun, too.

I believe 13 is actually from Pole Position.

6 is Ikari Warriors

26 is Sega's Carnival

36 is the 4-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

39 is Commando

40 is likely Street Fighter 1 if we're restricted to the 80s.

41 is Mario Bros (not Super)

8 Is Castlevania I believe

Yay for Mappy! My personal favorite of all arcade games.

How 'bout a "Name that Yankee" game?

1. Arkanoid
2. Kangaroo (not Donkey Kong Jr.)
8. Castlevania
9. Elevator Action
11.Mike Tysonís Punchout?
12.Dig Dug
13.Super Mario Bros.
19.Hoganís Alley
25.Bubble Bobble

Really cool!

Well, better never than late. Ur... Whatever. Two ideas for further games are magazine titles/logos and one choice I believe is compulsory for the woman who has a list of 500 favorite songs: Album Covers.