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an evening with dave and buster

We just spent about five hours and a wad of money in this place. Who knew fighting zombies, shooting AT-AT Walkers, bowling in Tokyo, invading space and dancing up a revolution could be so exhausting?

I took over 100 pictures. I uploaded a few to Flickr and I have to say, an arcade is a great place to shoot photos if you're feeling colorful and artsy and whatnot. This one's my favorite:

But you can see them all (and you know you want to) here:


asv's photos More of asv's photos


I've only been to one once for lunch, but it was pretty nifty. Want to go back one of these days when we're up that way again.

I've actually been bowling in Tokyo. I wonder how the virtual version stacks up.

It looks more like a casino than an arcade. From the pictures anyway...

D&B rules, thought it seemed to me the arcade floor was bigger. Guess it's a location thing.

PS. That's not the camera phone I take it. Those shots are incredible.

Ah, Dave and Buster's. I used to take clients to the one in Dallas on extended business trips back in the late 80's and early 90's. The beef ribs were great. It's fairly easy to find baby back ribs in restaurants, but good beef ribs are hard to come by. We never did the game and arcade thing, but nobody ever left hungry, and that's what made it all worthwhile.

Glad to see they've spread out across the country; perhaps there will be one in my part of the country soon.

We love that place. The zombies and the motorcycle racing are the best. And the restaurant isn't bad.