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News Quote of the Day

Annie Cohen ran inside, yelling at her mother to call 911. "I said 'Why?'" recounted Julie Cohen. "She said, 'There's a baby in the yard.' I said, 'Whose is it?' She said, 'It's mine.'"

Dumbest. Family. Ever.


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Things like this always amaze me: An East Texas college student finally learned why she'd gained weight and was having abdominal pain — she was about to give birth. [full story] I know it's possible, but it just seems so... improbable. How ... [Read More]


I'm guessing Alabama!

Oh, Texas. Shoot.

Instead, Cohen, already the mother of a 3-year-old, figured out she was in labor and grabbed the pole of her own swing set.

You know, she might be better off not grabbing at any more poles in the future.

Does no one explain to these idiots how babies are made?

Good Lord, just how chubby was this dame that she couldn't tell she was pregnant?

Did she think that the lack of periods for 9 months was just an unexplained miracle?

The more I read about people like this, the less I want to ever leave my nice, dark quiet cave.

My favorite quote was:

"It was like a natural instinct," marveled her mother, Julie Cohen.

Yes, it's amazing how in tune with her body this young lady was.


Well at least she realized it was a baby before she flushed it down the toilet. Oy.

"It's a big surprise," said Julie Cohen. "I thought she was just really liking her pizza."

I LOVE pizza. Sh!t, I hope I'm not pregnant.

I find it hard to believe this kind of shit really happens. Is the whole country sniffing paint or what?

Nah, just the people who're having babies.

I can't believe that you didn't go for the pizza quote. All of it's quotable, really.

I think the girl knew she was pregnant but was so afraid of telling anyone that she screwed up again that she kept putting it off. When she felt her contractions she went outside to have the kid so no one in the house would hear any birthing noises. What was she planning on doing after the baby was born? I don't know and I'm not sure if I want to know. Seriously, what with the lack of menstration, baby kicking and all else that goes with being pregnant how could she have not known? Of course I'm not a woman so I can only suppose.

Well nix, I'm sure you've eaten a lot of pizza though right? If you're hitting the meat lover's pretty hard, it can give you all the same symptoms of pregnancy; the morning sickness, the abdominal pain, hell, even the guttural rumbles one might associate with the digestion of mass quantities of processed meat products. I mean, it's quite plausible she thought she was experiencing a bout of explosive diarreah, the bathroom was occupied, so she just ran outside to exercise the demons.

Just trying to see the other side. Nah mean?

Not that I'm defending this bimbo, Mumblix, but women have been known to continue to have regular periods throughout a pregnancy.

I know a woman who didn't realize she was pregnant until about two weeks before the baby was due. Granted, she was in her late 30's, had never been able to conceive, and was obese - but she had periods all along. Towards the end she became concerned about the cramping she was feeling (Braxton Hicks contractions, normal towards the end of a pregnancy) and went to the doctor who laid the bombshell on her.

Can you imagine calling your husband with that news? "Remember that baby we always wanted and never thought we could have? It's coming. And we don't have much time to get ready, either...."

It's not like it was a small baby, either....

Raising hand, I swear, my brother-in-law's little sister pulled the same thing.

Yeah, we don't hang out much.

I know someone that had a baby who didn't even know she was pregnant until her water broke. She had even gone to the Dr. a few months earlier because she was not feeling well and was missing her periods. The Dr. told her it was stress (and it was a female Dr.) It can happen, just not often.

Oh. My. God.

My bet is these folks get their own reality show - either on Fox or the WB - in the coming fall.