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game over.

Apparently some time in between my last open mic night and this one, I gained a couple of assholes as readers. Or maybe they were here all along and just decided to make themselves known. Or maybe I'm just too trusting of this interwebbie thing.

The longer I blog, the more things happen that make me not want to blog anymore.

Open Mic night has been cancelled. Thanks to the those who posted before this.


~ tap ~ tap ~ tap ~

Is this thing on?

~ tap ~ tap ~ tap ~

oh, well ... thanks folks

and remember: tip your waitresses

That sucks but that's why I now close my comments every single night. Assholes and spammers.

For a long while I had no comments on any of my sites because of damned spammers which I finally fixed, but luckily I don't have to put of with assholes since nobody besides bots ever go to them anyway.

Fargin' Bastiches.

dammit man, I cant post at work and all the fun happens while I'm away....I guess my story about the sheet of "4-way-window-pane", liter of "two-fingers" tequila and a death metal show in an old movie theater will have to wait. I got your teenage "angst" right here.

maybe next time!

A pox on 'em. No wait, I take that back. Severe leprosy with a nasty cough.

I don't really understand because I'm new, but why don't you just require registration before comments are allowed?

You know, my mother made me register once. Once!

I've never heard that one before, rob, that's funny. But seriously, you write good stuff. I'd join to be able to participate...

It wasn't about comments. I let people actually sign in to the blog itself to post.

Ah, nevermind.

Bummer. There are always a few morons around to ruin the party. Too bad they can't just f*ck off and die.

I am sorry to hear that a couple bad seeds ruined it for the rest. Can you check IP address' and ban them?

I guess I was lucky.

Do you think you will try it again?

Hey, I've been around here like, forever!

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