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Open Mic Night:
Log piles and baby teeth - by: Shumpy

I don't know what made me think of this story when you said talk about your childhood.


I am going to show my age here but that is ok. When I was a kid about 6ish - not sure which summer it was... anyway

On Sunday's after church services one of the families would have the other church people with kids over and we would all do dinner/snacks whatnot and the adults would chat and get caught up with one another while the kids played outside.

This was a nice Texas summer and wasn't too hot. This particular night it was being held at the Whitehouse. So it was the Whiteboys (me & my brother) and several other kids running in the backyard.

We were playing tag. I wasn't it but I was being chased pretty hard. I jumped up on our log rack - my father used to keep several chords of wood stacked against the back fence.

Now this was something that I had done many times before. 'It' was chasing me. Right now I can't remember who it was. No matter. They jumped up on the logs hot on my tail.

Now this log pile stretched a good five to ten yards (depending on the year). While in mid-stride somehow my foot got caught between two logs and immediately wedged in there.

This threw me - face first - into the pile. With all my speed (yes, I was fast back then) I took a chunk out of the faceplant log with my front couple of teeth.

I hit so hard I bit through my lower lip and one of my teeth became wedged in the log. Not kidding. It was a bloody mess. Scared all the kids, myself included.

I can't remember seeing that much blood come from my own body ever before. Yeah I was freaked out. Also I still had to extract my foot from being wedged in between the logs.

The kids all came to help. When I was pulled free, my top right front tooth was hanging THROUGH my bottom lip by the root. Nasty.

We went inside to find my mother and father. Now remember this is Sunday evening/night. They freaked out. Mom cried. Who was going to fix me? I was broken. Well luckily there was a church lady who piped up and said she had a new dentist for her kids and happened to have his card in her pocket.

This was a young new dentist but he had his home number on the business cards. She called him. He was home! and he agreed to fix me up.

We went in to his office and he clipped the root sowed up my lip - with anesthetic. And basically made it all right, best he could at the time.

When my mouth had healed up after a week or so I had to go back to see him and get what they called a "spacer". This was basically a retainer with a fake tooth wired on it so I wouldn't have a gap in my grill all the way until my adult teeth came in. It looked pretty darn real.

The retainer/tooth was cemented into place but I would chew or pick at the cement until I could pull the thing out. It was pretty cool. I'd freak all the little girls in school out at lunch by taking out my tooth. It was a source of fun for several years. Of course, I would get in trouble taking it out if an adult saw me but it was worth it to see the looks on people's faces.

I still have the scar on my bottom lip twenty five years later. And that nice young dentist that opened up shop on a weekend night, what happened to him you ask? I still go to him. Also, somewhere in a box at my folks house that fake tooth still sits to this day.


Now that's what I'm talking about. Great story. Thank you!