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Open Mic Night at ASV!

All my free time at the moment is being spent reading or writing. When I'm not doing one, I'm doing the other. I'm reading seven books at once because seven different voices, narrative styles and genres make for seven times the inspiration. I write every day, I always have; but I haven't had the drive to write like this, the passion for it, the love of and belief in what I'm writing since the early 80's. I must go with the flow.

Because I probably won't be back at the blog tonight, I though you all might like to fill in for the evening. Yes, the open mic night is back. And there's a theme: Childhood. Nothing specific, it's pretty wide open. Just write something. Think about your first kiss, your favorite song in fifth grade, the street games you used to play, your funny uncle, being scared at your first horror movie, getting stuck in the clothes dryer, summer vacation - whatever!

Update: I changed my mind.