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and the dead will walk the bases

In the past, when the Yanks lost to the Mets I would get pissed. The fan rivalry (as well as the rivarly within my mixed NY baseball team family) made it that way.

In the past, if the Sox reached first place with the Yanks trailing this many games behind, I'd be pissed. Or at least upset.

I just don't care anymore.

It's not like I'm a fair weather fan whose team is losing so she gives up. Not like that at all. It's the team that's given up.

How can I put my heart into rooting for a team that has no heart themselves? How can I get passionate about a team with no passion of their own? The Yanks are dishwater. Mediocrity. Watching them reminds me of going to a concert only to discover your favorite band is just going through the motions. You walk out displeased and every time you put their CDs on, you realize that your intense love for them has weakened, simply because they have weakened.

They haven't weakened in talent - look at that lineup. So what is it? Why are they playing as if nothing matters? Why does watching a Yankee game make me reach for the remote more often than not? Why can't I stir up any of the Yankee passion I've had since I was a little girl - passion that I had even in the worst years of the modern Yanks?

I care less and less that they are drowning in the standings and it's almost the All-Star break. I care less and less that the Sox are ahead of them. Normally on a summer day like this one, when they Yanks and Mets are playing, I'd have the tv hooked up in the backyard, beer on ice and the family coming over for some good natured fighting. At some point during today's game, I'll be in a movie theater watching zombies.

Same difference, no?


only one thing to say:
"Zombies.man. They creep me out"

When the most animated guy in pinstripes turns out to be Roy White, you know something's up.

Knowing your love of the Yankees, your history with them, I feel a little sad.

Knowing how much I hate losing to the Yankees, I feel a little better.

A lot actually. But I'll keep that to myself.

That's really too bad about the Yankees, although watching Pedro work his magic was a treat. I really hope they pull it together. We Red Sox fans want to play them again in post-season like last year. The 2003 playoff series between those 2 teams was also terrific, even for us.


Well... now you know what it's like to be a Phillies fan. ;)

I live in Maine...born in the Bronx, at first this season was hell, now I agree...Sheffield looks like he is working 40 hours a week at Dunkin's when hhe is the field, Bernie is thinking about the guitar, Womack is lost and keeps looking for bag near the old 469 sign, Giambi, wow he can sure draw a walk...Jeter looks disguted...only Cano shows disappointment. Thank God for Godzilla.

And the pitching staff?? The only question about pitching for the Yanks is this: Who is going to be the contract psychiatrist who can design a test to predict who won't turn into a marshmallow on the mound in the bronx?

Was Vasquez worse than Pavano? Was he less consistant than Johnson?

Hey I watched every game until the loss after the 8th inning orgasm...now, who cares?

As the rest of my New England family likes to say...the YANKEES SUCK (actually they are mediocre which is worse, suck can be entertaining)

How was the flick?

As a sox fan I cheer but then I wonder why its this way with the yanks. I've said all along they'll pull it together, get it going, I mean they are the Yankees, but now, heading into July, I just don't know. I don't see a passion behind that team to win. You'd think they would want a chance to bury that 3-0 game lead, series loss disaster but they don't.

Epa? " "born in the Bx?" where? I'm old 195/Jerome.

I can't even scream at the Yanks any more...it would take more effort than those bastards have shown all season.

Right near where the Boston Rd el crosses the Cross Bronx expressway..Bryant Ave..last time I was there it looked like Berlin in 1945..

Against my better judgemetn I have the unday night game on...hm hr's will unit give up??

Reese...in LF? Only Reese I know is pee wee.
Womack in Ctr?


The Mets blew it. Perfect opportunity for a sweep, and they blew it.

I rest well, however, in knowing that The Idiots™ are in 1st place, 6.5 up from the Yanks.

There's nothing harder in baseball than the point at which your team goes from a contender to a non-contender. I couldn't watch the second half in 1991, or in 2002. It was just brutal.

I still expect the Yanks to make a run (they may look more like the 2001 Mets than 2002), but unlike past years they lack the flexibility to add help in-season. They may be done in by their lack of a major league center fielder. Bernie is so finished it's ridiculous, and Tony Womack, a weak hitter for a middle infielder, can't get the job done defensively in the outfield. Neither Tino nor Giambi should be playing everyday any longer, and Cano isn't big league ready (no patience). That's too many holes to carry on a team with a shaky pitching staff.

I'm sorry. The movie blows.

1. Not scary
2. That's the end? That's it?!!! wtf!

Dennis Hopper was it's only saving grace.