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Yea. That's about all I've done this morning. We're gearing up for a hot and humid one today. You know it's going to be bad when two minute after stepping out of the shower you already feel like you need another. Heat, I can deal with (though don't like). Humidity? Sucks donkey balls. Big, honking donkey balls.

It's going to be an A/C kind of day. Which means that no matter what I do today, I'll be hearing the sound of money being sucked into the bottomless pit of my electric bill. It's funny what happens when you become a home owner. You start hallucinating that dollar signs have wings and they fly overhead, out of the house and into someone else's bank account every time you turn on an appliance or turn up the heat.

I need to move somewhere where it's 73 degrees every single day of the year.

Oh, I did do something else! I wrote a story. I have to say I kind of like this one. I haven't been all that happy with my efforts lately.


Bah...fooey with the weather! Go to the movies and watch Land of the Dead in a nice dark air conditioned theater!

Heard this one when I lived in Minnesota:

"It's so hot, I want to take off my skin and walk around in just my bones."

Oh, shut up. It ain't that bad...sure it's hot, but there is actual breezy crap going on.....

Besides, you're on Long Island...go Hampton out before the starlots, harlot.

I need to move somewhere where it's 73 degrees every single day of the year.
It's called San Francisco.

You'd last about a half hour before warrants were issued.

Hamptons? That's on the complete other end of the island. The last thing I'd want to do on a hot Saturday is spend four hours on the LIE.

Maybe you have a breeze in SI, but there's none here.

florida keys....always a breeze and nice weather ('cept those 'canes)