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Cruise Control

Have you seen the Cruise/Lauer interview? Don't just read the transcript - watch it.

And then come back here and tell me what kind of crazy Tom Cruise is. I'm thinking somewhere around...batshit.


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Honestly, I had him pegged down further on the 'looney-tunes' end of the spectrum. But that was before I saw the footage; so I'll meet you halfway at 'nutjob'.

He is on something and it isn't vitamins. Idiot.

I just wrote a little bit about how much I wish Tom would shut the fuck up already.

Then? I Signed the petition.

Do you have ANY IDEA how happy that petition makes me? I love the internet.

Funny thing is, he could benefit more than most from a good prescription.

The guy's on the brink of a major meltdown. I predict Oprah will intervene.

Short,insane and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

I don't think repressing his homosexuality is helping.

Yup.Wolf,makes that whole "Katie the beard" thing a bit clearer,doesn't it

Scientology did wonders from Jim Henson, eventually it will get to Mr. Cruise as well.

Yes, he is annoying.
Yes, Scientology is crazy.
But this: "Ideal scene is someone not having to take anti-psychotic drugs", makes sense to me.

I do think doctors are getting a little prescription happy and maybe this should be examined.

"Batshit" is the term I've been using for the past few weeks. When I'm not using "Crazy the same way my boss is crazy." (She happens to be a Scientologist as well. What a coincidence... She just started acting as agressive and nutty as Cruise recently.) That goodness I'm only here a few more weeks.

I think he forgot to take his medication. :D

But it was worth seeing a scientologist use the words pseudo-science to descibe an actual science. Instead of, you know, some batshit crazy cult theories based on billion year old dead souls. And aliens named Xenu. No irony there. nope.

Show me the Thetans!

Scientology goofballism aside, he mostly just came off as a patronizing jerk.

But that touch of Scientology is what pushes him over the precipice into Crazy Boy.

He's making me not want to see his goddamn movie, which I'm already in turmoil about because it has that despicable Tim Robbins in it, who I detest.

batshit... definately batshit


I would hate to be his publicist. To put it mildly, he sounds unhinged.

He's from Syracuse, what do you expect?

Keith - that, and Spielberg's refusal to unleash this dog to the scrutiny of critics prior to its release.

This movie's going to create a space-time singularity of suckage.

In case you haven't seen it:

The mad-with-power Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

As we say down here, I think the boy's afflicted.

Interestingly, I was given antidepressants after talking to my doc for about 5 minutes. I'm sure my experience is typical. With a combination of Jesus, diet, and exercise, I was able to go off the meds about 3 years ago. My doc was horrified. I've never felt better - in fact a a couple of weeks ago I flew in a plane. By myself. Such a thing would have been impossible just a few years ago - I was that bad off.

But Tom Cruise does not speak for me. I don't think he speaks for humans in general. Maybe the aliens.

This experience is mine alone. I feel no need to push it on anyone else. That's where Tom and I part ways. That, and reality.

This is funny as well.

Short,insane and stupid is no way to go through life, son.


Michele, that entire 'religion' is crazy. It's a dangerous cult. Now I know that some people would consider ANY religion to be a cult. Difference is, the Baptist Church as far as I can tell has had civil judgements handed down against them for mental and physical abuse.

Read just a sampling at my blog to get an understanding of how dangerous these people are.

Are you referring to Dr. Tom Cruise, Ph.D., the world-renowned psychologist? Or Dr. Tom Cruise, M.D., who did his residency in psychiatry after med school?

That's what I thought. I'd like to know exactly how many research articles he's read and which scientific journals they came from. He's obviously the only person on earth who understands psychiatry (and the history, the history!) Obviously Matt Lauer does not. Silly Matt. Thinks medications help people.

Anyway, I think Tom has gone completely berserko and/or is on crack. His publicist would do well to get him to shut it. He's crazier than certain groups of Clay Aiken fans.

Now I'm not defending Tom Cruise... he comes off as arrogant.

But, is there anyone here who doesn't think we are over medicating our children and selves.

Slarti just posted his doctor only took 5 minutes. While that may have helped him it took him 3 years to get off of them. That's not right.

Slarti do you think there were no other options for you. Maybe there weren't. But that's just wrong to get a prescription for antidepressants in 5 minutes.

To me Cruise's assesment is fairly accurate, but he comes of as just another Hollywood "I know what's best snob"

He should get it on with John Travolta... making fun of Scientology aside, why isn't anyone talking about Land of the Dead? Isn't it out yet?

Are we overmedicating our headaches? Our backaches? Our inability to sleep at night? Probably. But it's not like anti-depressants get you high. They work or they don't, and if they work ... it makes all the difference. Every person who feels they might help has the right to try.

Should Brooke Shields leave her depression untreated and end up killing herself or her children as some post-partum moms do? Of course not.

Tom Cruise is entitled to his opinion, but so are the rest of us, and that is what offends/scares me about extremist religions of all stripes: the supremacist component.

I also loved the part where Tom, who sues everyone who breathes the word "gay" in his presence, says he doesn't care and has never cared what others thought or said.

I would say that Tom is a Degraded Being. But at least he didn't do that stupid movie Travolta did.

Anne, his publicist is now his sister, who just happens to have no background in the field. And, oh yeah, she's also a Scientologist.

I know more than a few people besides me who have decided never to pay to see one of his movies again. My dad wants my brothers to download War of the Worlds for him!

Don't blame Tom. It's his thetans talking.

I wonder if maybe "Goose" finally started talking to him from "beyond."

Daffy Duck crazy, and a moron to boot, or as Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon."

"Short,insane and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Although...ya gotta admit...it seems to pay very well.

Yes, we're probably overmedicated. But Cruise didn't seem to be willing to state that there are cases in which meds DO help people.

Maybe Madonna will convert Cruise to her celebrity Kabbalah group. Then Cruise can ditch Holmes for Britney Spears. Or perhaps Kevin Federline.

ElRon had a thing about psychiatry. Namely, he knew they'd realize how bugfuck he was. Common tendency among the pathologically kooky. The Hubbster passed along his phobia to his cultists.

And yes, the argument that modern society overmedicates is reasonable and open for discussion. You always want to start your persuasion by offering up something like this that's easy to agree with. Then you walk them through a series of incremental points, each leading from the last and each seemingly sensible at the moment, until your train stops off in Crazytown and your passenger has no idea how he got there.

I can't get enough of that Tom kills Oprah movie. God, that is hillarious.

It's genius, sheer fucking genius.

MetaFilter, Fark, weblogs, Slashdot, magazines, tabloids -- all talking about Tom Cruise, right before the release of his next movie. Funny how that happens.

A while back I read where a comic said that Cruise has dyslexia, and bought his own wildebeest to help him prepare for his role in Top Gnu.

I thought at the time that it was a joke. Now I'm not so sure.

It occurs to me that Tom is doing far greater harm to the Scientology movement by his recent actions than he realizes...all he is doing now is shining a huge spotlight on them.

Rather than entice the curious into finding out more and possibly gaining new converts, I'm betting that there will be more and more stories exposing the seamy side, like the stuff Jay posted about - I hadn't heard of any of that although I had a vague sense of L. Ron Hubbard's dislike of of government.

Looks like it's high time for some quality investigative journalism, if that exists anymore.


It has been tried, Trish, but they bankroll a smear and destroy campaign against anyone who disses them.Including the feds. And they have LOTS of $ to burn .

ok, Tom Cruise is a twat.

that said, he did have some valid points. yes, i think that society is generally overmedicated. but that's all he had to say - he was a prick to Matt Lauer. and Matt kinda pushed him a bit.

i don't know why Tom couldn't just say "I don't agree with her taking anti-depressants... next question." and be done with it. oh, because he's an arrogant prick, and anybody who doesn't agree with him is a piece of shit. yeah, he's a dick.

i wish Matt would ask him to address the gay rumors though. now THAT would be hilarious!

dudes, check this out


apparently lots of people think tom cruise is great! HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA what a bunch of morons.

"It's beautiful man, BEAUTIFUL!"
I knew he was manic after he was going off in that movie, he just played it too damned well........remember the movie?

He's about a 8.5 my weirdshitometer scale. I thought I'd seen everything, but that one takes the cake. Executed the dismount and landing with the greatest of ease, but spread his legs during the triple somersault. Mandatory deduction there.

Dollars to donuts that Spielberg is considering blacklisting him from any future projects as we speak. The fact that we're talking about him everywhere is the overriding issue keeping Spielberg from doing just that.

And Tom Cruise's moonbattery is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uninformed opinion and Hollywood. Those two issues are undeniably and inextricably connected.

Tom Cruise is the new Charlton Heston.

ps: Land o' da Dead blows.

"dudes, check this out


apparently lots of people think tom cruise is great! HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA what a bunch of morons."

This is coming from a guy named "Boobies" who can't even use proper punctuation. Pot calling the kettle "black".

It's funny how Tom is "batshit" because he expressed an unpopular view. Well, I ask what is crazier: the fact that we all suddenly turn on a movie star that we've never said anything bad about, or the fact that someone like Paris Hilton who has nothing to offer the world except for an amateur porn video can make millions of dollars doing absolutely nothing?

I'd be willing to bet money that most of the people that say Tom and Scientology are stupid and crazy are the same ones who will say Paris Hilton is hot and talented (in case you haven't noticed, she has no skills [except for sucking dick] and has a skinny, malnourished body, GIANT feet, mediocre rack and NO ass whatsoever). I'd also be willing to bet money that all these Scientologist experts (the ones who call it a crazy, harmful cult) have done all their "research" on Xenu.net. WTF? So if I read a pro-Al Quaeda website then I'm an expert and I can call the organization a benevolent, peaceful religious group?

You claim Tom Cruise is a dumbass and that he doesn't have his facts straight, yet I would like to know where you got YOUR facts regarding him, Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. Because, see, they're really the same when you look at them side by side: Tom Cruise gets his anti-psychiatric views from Scientology (which is only partially true), and you get all your anti-Scientology/Hubbard views from Xenu.net.

I can tell that the world is full of geniuses who can easily outwit Tom. What a wonderful world we live in!

Well, I'm sure all you intellects want to get back to watching your reality shows, MTV, drinking beer and contributing to the popular opinions on the web without question!

You lose the bets on all counts, Paz, but thanks for playing. By the way, you seem to have some Paris issues. Hope you work them out.

Xenu loves you.

Thanks Michele. And by the way, Paz, Tom's words to Matt Lauer -- "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do." -- are not a VIEW. For Tom, there is no VIEW other than his own; there may well be times when medication isn't the best road to take, but according to Dr. Tom, it NEVER WORKS. Nicole Kidman is one lucky lady to be free from that megalomaniac -- too bad about her kids though.
Anyway, used up most of my rant here:
Thanks folks ... Come by and see me.

I don't have to look at a site called Xenu.net to know that Scientology is dangerous, worthless, and pillaging it's members.

L.Ron was a self deluded person who wrote science fiction. He dreamed up all the b.s about Xenu, thetans, engrams and all that other b.s. And a lot of people looking for something to believe in fell for it. Including Tom Cruise. The "Church" goes after celebrities for it's own publicity. If someone sees their favorite star involved in something like that, they think it must be okay. They should do it too! Poor saps. It's all about the money. Yes, you too can cross the bridge! If you spend all the money you can beg, borrow or steal to take some stupid course you may, or may not have to take over again. Audit go bad? Well, for more money, we can audit you until you get it right. Hope you enjoy living in squalor while working for the "church". Folks like Tom don't have to do anything for them except pull out the check book, prosylatize, oh, and pull out that check book some more. But you, well. If you work just for the "church" they may give you a couple of meals a day, and damnit, you had better have those stats up, or you go to ethics.

I know I got a little crazy here, but it's all the truth. I have never been a member of this so-called organization, though I know 2 people who have. They're still trying to get their financial lives in order. Being in Scientology ain't cheap.

Tom is being very factual by stating that the "chemical imbalance" doesn't exist.
If you ever go read psychiatry's own "scientific" papers you will see this for yourself. Afterall, if you go to get tested for depression do they do a blood test or take a urine sample to measure an "imbalance of chemicals". Of course not. There is no such thing. Instead they ask a bunch of question's like "Are you sad for more than 2 days in a row?" If you answer "yes" to enough questions then the psychiatrists says you suffer from a disease called depression. Right there is the problem, all they are doing is giving names to symptoms. The person does not have a disease and drugs are not going to solve anything.
When a person has a real disease like hepatitis there may be some common symptoms that might make you wonder if it is hepatitis but you can always rely on a blood test to tell you if you for sure. Because hepatitis actually is something. There is actually something, in this case a virus, going through your body that can be definitively tested for. With depression, ADD, and all this other "mental diseases", chemicals and drugs have nothing to do with it. Probably the person's mother died or no one likes him at school. So if you actually read psyciatry's own research papers you will see that they always miss the actual cause of the problem and instead give names to the symptoms. A person can be depressed for many very different reasons, none of which have anything to do with an imbalance of chemicals.
If you really wanted to unbalance chemicals in your body just psychiatric drug. Treat the cause of the problem, not an invented cause. (Come on people, "chemical imbalance", what does that even mean. One of the basic patterns of psychiatry is to tell you that your own mind is too complicated for you to understand so that only an authority can possible tell you what is wrong with it.)
Psychiatry and the drug companies make billions off of stuff like Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, and the rest of the gang. You do hear stories of people saying some drug helped them a little. But look closer. There are many more people saying the opposite. I know people personally who told me how terrible the anti-depressants made them feel. That they just had to get off of them. Even when drugs are somewhat effectual, they never do address the actual cause of the person's problem.
Anyway, whatevery you think of Tom Cruise, I think the most important thing that he is saying is just don't be glib. Go look for yourself. Don't be satisfied to accept what the drugs ads are telling you or what the talk show hosts happens to think - go look for yourself. If you actually just look, instead of thinking or arguing about something, you will always find truth.

Hmmm Thats what I thought they had MRI's for, my daughter has asburgers syndrome a mild form of autism and suffers from mild seizures. She's abusive when not on meds nor can she comprehend basic instructions. Before she was medicated she would go three or four days with no sleep, bang her head, not eat, and run around the house at a million miles an hour. I seriously doubt that vitamins and exercise will fix her problems. Diet helps but people with real problems still have problems. If someone wants to go and make up a money scheme and protect it under religious exemtions and freedoms go for it. But they should keep in mind that the word they spread could hurt somebody. A women with PPD needs meds or we will end up hearing more stories of moms going mad and drowning there children.

By the way I am going to start my own religion basic priciple

All donations pay for beer, strippers and my salary

I figure our god will be samuel adams and we can make his arch enemy Tom Cruise.

Our official hymn will be:

I hate you, you hate me lets get together and kill Tom Cruise with a baseball bat and a shotgun full of lead, lets get together and decapitate his head.

I figure after about 10 members we can jihad against the scientologist and take em all out.

Hmmm what should I call the church?

How bout the Hopps Church of the Holy Flesh ... Nice ring to it.

Think it will be just as believable as scientology, besides all religions need enemies, we can throw down like the jews and the muslims in Jeruselum.
Ya think?

spare us has as much a clue about psychiatry as Cruise does. This joker concludes that neurotransmitters play no role in mental illness because there is no blood test. How absurd is that? For your information, the brain is in the central nervous system, blood is taken from the periphery. You are as educated as Cruise.

Hello, is it just me or are there others out there who thinks he is gay. He always seems to be with a young new starlet, in love, and then moves on to someone else. I would have more respect for him if he was just honest. Now, I respect neither he nor Katie for this scam.