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The Match Game Celebrities Speak!

Well, kind of. Here are their answers. No go find your answers in this thread (in case you are senile like me and can't remember what you wrote a couple of hours ago) and count up how many matches you made on each question.

If you would be so kind, please write in the comments which ones you matched and which blog panelist you matched, so I can make a final tally of which blogger had the most matches. Why? Why not?


The questions were:

  1. The cave man said, "I just went to a very unusual wedding. A dinosaur ______(ed) the bride."
  2. Lex Luthor is so evil... (How evil is he?) He's so evil he lowers the moral standing at a ____________convention!
  3. Urban Legends sure have changed from when I was kid. Yesterday, I was told that Lindsay Lohan died when she mixed Pop Rocks with ______________.
  4. "I just had to take out the appendix of the Jolly Green Giant. It wasn't easy. I had to use ____________.
  5. Dick Cheney has been asked to join the SuperFriends. He will now be known as Captain__________.

Bonus _________Balls

Panelist answers:


  1. gave away
  2. Michael Jackson convention!
  3. ipecac.
  4. a forklift
  5. Gigantor

Bonus: Blue


  1. did the Electric Slide with
  2. truthout.org
  3. spermicidal jelly
  4. Sprout as the anesthesiologist
  5. Dockers Bulge

Bonus: Undescended XXY Jamie Lee Curtis


  1. gave away
  3. Ipecac
  4. a salad fork
  5. Coronary

Bonus: Blue


  1. ate
  2. Republican
  3. heroin
  4. can opener
  5. Chickenhawk (the political kind; not the gay kind)

Bonus: Ben wa


  1. ate
  2. sports agent
  3. Caffeine-Free Diet Coke with Lime.
  4. lightsaber.
  5. Himmel.

Bonus: Blue


  1. was the ringbearer for
  2. Illinois Nazi
  3. diet pills
  4. melon baller
  5. Coronary

Bonus: blue

Thanks so much to Mikey for letting me host this week. We'll be back at his place next Friday. Hope you all had as much fun participating as I did playing Gene Rayburn. I think I'll keep in character and go sexually harass some young, big breasted woman wearing a mini-skirt and go-go boots. Or maybe I'll just go drink a bottle of gin with Bret Somer and stick a paper bag over her head while I drill her.

[I guess the porn affect hasn't worn off yet.]


I matched NAMBLA with Allah, That's all I got

1. 2 matches (Roxanne, Maine)
2. No matches
3. No matches (Come on, folks - "Pop rocks and coke" --> "Pop rocks and coke-aine!" No?
4. No matches
5. No matches
Bonus: No matches

I matched everything that Maine guy said. Five points!

1. I think Hubris.
2. none
3. I was closest to Hubris, but not quite.
4. none
5. none

Bonus: none

1. 2 - matched Roxanne and Maine (if you'll allow that devoured=ate.)
2. 1 - matched Allah
3. no match
4. no match (SO close to Allah!)
5. no match

Bonus. 4! - matched Tanya, Allah, Maine and Mikey.

Total: 7, if the judge will allow Question one. If not, 5.

Allah ate my brain. That's spooky.

Woo! No matches!

I'm special.

I matched two on the first question - that's it.

1. boned (no matches)
2. NAMBLa (Allah)
3. Red Bull (no matches)
4. Salad tongs (Allah, sort of)
5. Invisible (no matches)

Bonus: Super balls (no matches)

Allah ate my brain. That's spooky.

Are we in sync or what?

I shall forever think of you as Betty White to my Charles Nelson Reilly.

I mean, ipecac? That was obscure.

shoot, i only got 4 matches (well, besides myself).

2 for Allah (#3 and the Bonus)
1 for Maine (the Bonus)
1 for Tanya (again, the Bonus)

I mean, ipecac? That was obscure.

I was thisclose to saying "Dexatrim." But I've always had a soft spot for the Carpenters.