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Homer Simpson, Smiling Politely/Survey

"Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins"
"Homer Simpson, smiling politely

So Crazy Billy wants to get the Smashing Pumpkins back together. Yea, great idea there, Mr. Brightlight. Get the band back together, go into the studio, throw some tantrums, have a being-a-genius-is-hard-work meltdown, blame James for everything, drive the rest of the band towards a drug habit and then quit. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Please, Billy. Stop the insanity. Just live off of what you've accomplished. Sell your belongings, move to a nice, peaceful commune and spend the rest of your life meditating under an olive tree and basking in the glow of your legacy. PLEASE.

This reminds me of a story - When Sharon Osbourne announced she would no longer represent the Smashing Pumpkins, she cited medical reasons. She clarified, "Billy Corgan makes me sick."

So, time for a survey. Which band do you wish would get back together just for one album/tour. Nevermind if the lead singer is dead or the guitarist is 85 or the bassist is in permanent rehab or the entire band hates each other to the point of potential suicide/murder. Let's pretend everyone is alive and healthy and filled with admiring love for each other. Your dream band reunion is.........

[And I think you can all guess what mine is]


BANDS! I said BANDS! I'm not talking about bringing solo artists back from the dead. REUNION implies MORE THAN ONE.


For me, not even a contest: Talking Heads. A group where the whole is truly more than the sum of the parts.

Hell, Peter Steele is alive (I know his website says differently, but it would be nice to hear that Type O Neg is in the studio, planning a tour, SOMETHING).

Oh jesus, do not fall for that Peter Steele stunt. Never in the history of music has there been a man so self absorbed, so fascinated with his own image, so inclined to say PAY ATTENTION TO ME BUT I'LL YELL AT YOU FOR PAYING ATTENTION TO ME! Passive/aggressive goth bastard, he is.

Sure, his voice is sexy as hell and he supposedly has a 14 inch cock and the band rocks my world, but come ON. Get over yourself, Peter.

Pink Floyd


Van Halen (With David Lee Roth)

Pink Floyd, definitely.

I also wouldn't mind an Ah-Ha reunion tour.

Pink Floyd with Syd?

Either The Clash or The Who. Take your pick.

Okay, I'll date myself (again) but for me the choices would be The Beatles and The Eagles.

Some of the more famous "Beatles clones" would be fun but only from the Point-and-Snicker point of view.

Mojo Nixon back together with Skid Roper, on a double bill with the Beat Farmers, featuring zombie Country Dick Montana. And free beer. And a wet t-shirt contest.


Led Zeppelin - I don't even need Bonham to come back from the dead. Just let Dave Grohl fill in, he's already offered.

This is an easy one: Led Zeppelin. I was too young to be going to concerts when Led Zep were still together. I would also be quite excited if they could recreate their 1972 tour, after the release of IV. Except for Van Halen, who would be my second choice of reformed band as long as it was with DLR, I think I have seen all my fav bands in concert at least once.

Soundgarden? Or RATM even.

Floyd with Roger Waters (which they are doing for Live8 but I think thats where it ends.)

Elvis or Buddy Holly

Pink Floyd with Syd?

That's tough...The Old Crazy Diamond's influence, I feel, will always be there, as it was with DSOTM, WYWH, etc. As much as I hate to sound like a heretic, PF survived all those years mainly because, well...they simply moved on.

Now...having said that...Pink Floyd without David Gilmour? May it never be...


Jimmy Hendrix, or The Ramones.

Elvis or Buddy Holly

If you include solo performers I could go on for days. I like some of the old "twangy" country and would love to see the "Grand Ole Opry" stars of the 30's, 40's and 50's.


Spinal Tap.
Seriously, probably Zeppelin or The Who.



Dream reunion? Crap. It was the Pixies, but they already did it. And the show I saw kind of sucked...

But with this SP thing, it's even worse than a reunion. He will "renew and revive" the band. Is it just me or does that mean "pretty much a new band that's called Smashing Pumpkins and plays the old songs?"

Mahavishnu Orchestra. The original linup with Jan Hamer and Billy Cobham.

Screaming Trees.

I know that this will probably be laughed off this Comments Page, but I would really, REALLY like to see Morrissey get back together with johnny Marr and the rest of The Smiths and do some new stuff...now...before it's too late.


Alice in Chains



Asia? That's classic.

Obviously, The Beatles are a tempting choice, but I don't know that they had a lot of creativity left together that they hadn't already tapped. On that score, there's The Doors. Or Nirvana, although they were never quite my thing. But I have to say, if your criteria is "how much potential good music did these guys leave on the table," I suspect the winner is Guns n Roses, which broke up/broke down just as they were in their prime.

The original Allman Brothers Band. With Duane and Berry Oakley.

Deep Purple. Every member of the band who's ever played under the banner. I wanna see Richie Blackmore and Joe Satriani trade licks. I want to watch Ian Gillian and David Coverdale try to out-wail one another.

And Journey with Steve Perry singing and Randy on bass could open for them.

The Punk Corpse Ball: Clash/Ramones/Dead Boys--with Special Guests Johnny Thunders and the REAL Heartbreakers (damn you, Petty!)

Pistols don't count since the original crew are all still alive and would still pretty much suck if you dug up Sid...Unless they are ALL forced to be crammed into some sort of go-go cage and dangled above the stage so we can throw tomatoes at them in between sets.

Beatles is too easy an answer (though that would be cool).

So, of course, it's the Ramones.


Or, Possum Dixon.

Here's another vote with Skillzy, but while we're at it, I'd love to see a full-on Klaatu reunion.

The original King Crimson.

Faith No More,
Faith No More,
Faith No More

Milli Vanilli? Drexy's Midnight Runners?

Just kidding. The Police getting together for a one tour/one album/one song/one night or whatever would be totally rocking.

ELO. Early phase ELO would be awesome. I'm talking On the Third Day/Eldorado years.

And the Beatles, but I'm just that way.

Faith No More, Faith No More,
Faith No More


OK, I know you said no solo's so how about The Jimi Hendrix Experience... it was a band, not just a man.

CSN&Y and Dead Kennedys

Dave Clark Five


Nirvana. No contest.

wha, nobody wants a HSAS reunion tour? hahahahah

me? i'd like to see the Bloodhound Gang back together again, with both Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs.

wait, is the Cult broken up? i know that Ian Astbury did a show or two with the remaining members of the Doors, but is the Cult gone? if they are, that'd be a good reunion, too.

Two bands I love who had tragic, albeit very different, histories and whom I would dearly love to be able to see in their prime are:

Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Ramones

Guns n' Roses

Runner-ups: Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, Alice in Chains

Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen

Dave Clark Five

The top of my Point-and-Snicker list just ahead of Herman's Hermits. :)

The Doors
Big Country
The Smiths
Platinum Blonde

Hey, Dave Clark was a far better drummer than Ringo Starr!

Oh, and J. Geils Band. A good time guaranteed to all attending their shows.

Faith No More...?!? Bah!

You want it all...BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!

flings evil monkey poo and smiles wryly

I second Frank's choice: the Talking Heads. I would say Led Zeppelin, but their last two albums kind of gave me the impression that they were burning out, creativity-wise.



What, the original members are still all there? And they're the ones putting out this shit? Fuck me.


Naked Raygun

There's an alternate universe I like to visit where in 1969 the Rolling Stones convinced the Beatles to join them on their US tour "no wives, no lawyers allowed" and reinvigorated their love of playing live. A large part of the reason The Beatles stopped touring was because 1964 amps couldn't make the music heard over the screaming. Both sound systems and audiences in 1969 had changed significantly.

Also relevant: "When the Beatles Hit America" by John Wesley Harding.

The Police - most sincerely yes!
PF - definitely
Led Zeppelin - absolutely
Def Leppard - I know they're still around but the thought of getting Rick Allen his arm back to drum proper is enough for me

and for some offbeat ones:
Yes (not the ABWH lineup, but the whole full on mojo one where everyone and their brother in the band showed - not so much a band but an orchestra of talent.

Genesis - Peter, Steve, Phil, Mike, and Tony. The way it ought to be.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin. I'd pay top dollar to see them live. They may not have needed two bass players, but they had such a distinctive sound.

1) G'N'R - Could of been a contender

2) AC/DC - Brian does a great job, but it's never been the same

3) Pink Floyd - Gilmour, Waters and Syd

4) Genesis - Put Phil back on drums where he belongs

5) Temptations

The Highwaymen.

Of course, Waylon and Johnny Cash have gone to the great honkytonk in the sky... but still.

And as far as the Pumpkins go? Can anyone actually FIND D'Arcy Wretsky-Brown-XXX (she is married again to young Luke). Can they find her eyebrows while they're at it?

Led Zep would be great, The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones, Cream, I second the original King Crimson, the original Genesis.

Big Star would be pretty spectacular too.

All this anti-Corgan speak is making me slowly die.

If you read the release Billy made a week before the announcement, he seemed to indicate that he wanted all of the members back, not just the songs. He announced that his motives were the rekindling of their dream and his love for all of the members.

Is he a jerk? Sure, seems like it sometimes. But I think he's being genuine here.

Additionally, I'd like to mention that the band members who had drug problems were already using those drugs before the band met.

I know, Maine. I love Billy, I really do. But he has "disaster" written all over him. He's the Charlie Brown of rock and roll.

Joel posted Flipper, which is one of the first bands that came to mind for me. Scary.

Another choice since my first was taken: Black Sabbath circa 1970.

"Hullabalooza" is one of the best Simpsons episodes ever, and Homer's greeting to Corrigan is one of the best lines.

Damn...there's soooo many....

2)The Cult
3)Siouxsie & the Banshees
4)Sisters of Mercy
8)Adam & the Ants
9)Janes Addiction
10)Kingdom Come

Don't laugh, but Asia IS touring now..they'll be doing a show soon at B.B.Kings place on 42nd St., plus they're doing a show up here in my neck o' the woods.

I'd love to see G 'n R get back together, especially if we could reverse old Axl's insanity. Watching Eddie and Alex and Diamond Dave again would be awesome, too.
And obviously I'm a child of the 80's, because I would probably pay $100 to see Sebastian Back and Skid Row play again, especially if Tesla or Poison or somebody was there, too.

Well, someone beat me to the classic Genesis lineup, the early ELO lineup, and the original Journey lineup.

Here's a few more for you that I would love to see:

Bob Marley & the Wailers
Cab Calloway & His Cotton Club Orchestra
The Temptations (original members)
Dire Straits
Doobie Brothers (all of 'em)

Well, I just saw a re-united Pixies and it was crap-tacular. So, assuming that these reunions would actually KICK ASS here's my two cents

Big Brother and the Holding Company
The Mothers of Invention
Grateful Dead

As well as many others already listed

oh yeah! and the BLUES BROTHERS!

"we're putting the band back together!"

Apparently this is a 'warm glass of gin with a human hair in it' comment section and my 'Asia' post was a glass of milk.

m'kay ... on second thought

Black Flag

Pantera, Nirvana, Refused, Smiths, Kyuss, Faith No More...
And for some strange reason I would really like to see a new Tin Machine album, even though the two previous ones pretty muck sucked...

I'd love to see all the dead people from Skynyrd back to life, especially Ronnie.

Also, I know Metallica is still around but I wouldn't mind seeing Cliff Burton come back to life for some pre-sellout Metallica. Cliff could set James straight and maybe kick Lars' ass a little too while he's around.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
10,000 Maniacs
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
(In that Order)

Genesis. The Classic Line-up.

Pete on vocals (NO FLUTE ALLOWED!)
Phil on drums and back-up vocals and occasional lead work cos you Pete purists make me sick. Phil can effing sing. Can't write, but he CAN sing.
Mike on Bass
Tony on Keys
Steve on lead gee-tar.

And I want them all as they are today. No fantasy way-back machine for me. Why? Watch the tapes of Pete fronting the band back in like '72. Uh, yeah. Dude? Got charisma? No? Didn't think so.

Pete's a much better front man today than he EVER was in '72. Ditto Phil.

I wanna see the mature group together as they are today. Because Genesis was always for grown ups.

The Sex Pistols or Family

I didn't mention The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Nirvana and The Beatles because I thought that we were limited to 1 choice. In that case, add these 3 to Talking Heads. And I forgot The Doors at their peak !

And of course The Velvet Underground !

King Crimson, Lark's Tongues lineup.


Yeah, it's gotta be the Talking Heads.

Or.. Guns N Roses.


Whitesnake w/Moody, Marsden & Murray.
Led Zep


Seriously, how about Ozzy's original tour band?

Anything to bring Randy back.

Hey I would love to see HSAS live.

Someone said A-Ha. It already happened about three years ago. New album and everything. I think they're still touring, maybe putting out a new album.

I'd want a Guns 'n Roses before all that Spaghetti Incident, eight minute November Rain/Don't Cry/Estranged power ballads crap.

Also Catatonia. And the Traveling Wilburys.

Led Zeppelin
Guns n' Roses
The Doors

How about Jefferson Airplane with Signe Anderson. This should count as Grace Slick looks like she's dead and Signe Anderson probably wished she was dead for leaving the band too soon.

I know someone mentioned Metallica already and mentioned Cliff... but take it a step further...

Put Mustaine back in the band, back in the days when he did the in-between song speaking because JaymZ was too scared of the crowd... let them stay together, tolerate Dave's drug habit, JaymZ's whining and see what kind of creative genius comes forth....

just sayin'

The Yardbirds



Oh, man, whoever mentioned bringing back Randy Rhoades, thank you... I used to have a picture of him on my wall with a handwritten note tacked onto it that said 'practice every day'... The greatest guitar player who ever lived. I don't care what you say.


In this order

Pink Floyd (oh, wait, its happening!!!!)

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (not that cheesy feel good california shit they peddled to billions of fans in the late 70s, I want to real deal - the most dangerous blues rock band ever, the one that made BB King sweat, frightened Eric Clapton, and was the inspiration for Led Zep)

Led Zeppelin (Dave Grohl would be cool on drums, but considering Jason Bonham played a couple of show as a kid, he could legitimatly pull it off too)

The Who (with Keith Moon)

The Pigpen era Grateful Dead

Genesis (as in Peter Gabriel's band)

Faith No More would be cool too, so would Diamond Dave and the Van Halen brothers.