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naked links: NOOOOOOOOOOO edition

Yea, I'm just going to make the naked links a nightly thing.

First, you should know that I will not be live blogging "Hit me Baby, One More Time" this week because the acts all suck sucksoup with a suckstraw. Not worth my time.

You should also know that I'm not really naked, though I may be partially undressed.

Also, I will be doing the other half of my movie quotes this evening, probably putting them in separate post. I know, you were all holding your breath waiting for that news. Breathe, damn it, breathe!

Oh yea, if any of you are using Audioscrobbler, I've joined up. Username is diver down.

Ok, tonight's links all have something in common. See if you can guess what it is:







I must have drank some retard juice because I can't stop laughing.

Oh, hey. Don't forget to read my dirty 100 word story. And the stories of my cohorts, who all rocked the house today.


that's funny

Added in AudioScrobbler. My username is SkullPunk.

You are freakin' TREASURE!
Whacked, kid. Just whacked.

Ok, I must be sippin' from the same keg, Michele, because they struck me funny, too.

Just joined Audioscrobbler ... SharonOagain ... thanks for pointing that out!

I must have drank some of the same retard juice because I'm just cracking up here. I swear I'm gonna laugh myself into premature labor if I keep looking at those things.

That's frikin' sweeet. Just joined - pearlygates.

There's also last.fm, which is joined to AudioScrobbler's hip. It has user-created radio stations and feeds for recently played tracks.

I laughed until I cried.
and then I forwarded it all my geek friends because we mocked that very quote from the movie because it was SO bad.