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new car


Thank you all for your interesting suggestions and your taking part in the Name My Car poll.

The winning entry is fitting in so many words. Obviously, the car is white. I have an obsession with zombies. And I have recurring, intense, deviant fantasies about Rob Zombie at least once a week. So it works all around.

I'm very, very happy with the results. So happy that I'm going to get a license plate holder that says White Zombie and perhaps I'll try for some vanity plates. And every morning, I will play Thunderkiss '65 on my way to work.

Oh, and I've got a dirty little story up at 100 words today.




(Thanks to Fred's comment)


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Well, according to the NY DMV, you can have this one:

Now you know how I intentionally ended up misspelling zombie boy.

So, what did I win?

WHTZOMBI works according to the DMV.

It's easy to check (you probably already know this).

I used to work with the guy who "discovered" Rob Zombie, in that he signed him to his record deal and groomed him toward what he is today. He will be VERY proud to see this driving around Strong Island. That is, if he ever makes it out of the Village/Chelsea.

BTW he's also the A&R guy who got "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets" out of Metallica, so he's got some seerious mojo goin' on. He always said that he was proudest of two things he'd done in his career: working on "MoP" and gave Rob Z his shot.

White Zombie played in my garage.