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naked links

Shit, I was supposed to be blogging naked today! FRIDAY (I've been corrected)

Everybody, off with the clothes! (On Friday)

Uhh...anyhow, I found two blogging carnivals that I'm going to have to get in on.

There's a Carnival of Music! So many carnivals, so little blogging time...

There's a Carnival of Gamers, too - which I just may have to hook up with.

And Stacy hooked me up with some rad wallpaper today.

And there's a cool midsummer's theme over at 100 words today.

We need a fourth law of robotics: Stop fingering my wife.

Ok, someone kill the internet. Please. It's time. [via Melly]

And.......I'm closing the poll in the morning, though I'm hoping White Zombie wins. Make it happen, people!
Let's get naked! (On Friday. Or now, if you prefer. I'm game)


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Not today, Friday! Nekkid blogging on Friday!

Aren't you glad you didn't ban me!? :)

Only Friday? Damn (goes to get dressed)

The real question is, did you blog naked at any point and time before realizing it was supposed to happen Friday?