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matilda takes a shit

All 2,258 songs are gone from my Matilda, my iPod.

I was having a problem with it (skipping through songs, freezing up) and I followed the instructions on the Apple site that said if I RESET my iPod (not RESTORE), I would not lose my data.

But they are gone. The songs are gone. I may throw up. I want to cry. Deep, heaving, sobbing cries of agony and grief and frustration.

I think I will.

Curse you, Apple. Curse you and your funky, twitchy, hateful programs.

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All the while, my iAudio has been steadily playing my 18 hour audio book as well as my 3300 songs. Sure, he's not as pretty as your iPod nor as gentle, but it's more like tough love.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I've not plugged it in to recharge in almost 2 weeks? Having a 35 hour battery life is a dream.

Back to not nbeing snarky, you did back up everything on your computer, right? As much as I love my player, I keep a few DVD's burned as well as copies on a hard drive on one of my PCs at home. Prudent since the little buggers can get wonky on you.

You know what you can do with your iAudio, right? I love Matilda. LOVE HER, DAMN IT. Flaws and all.

And yea, I have everything on my computer/CDs because I actually own 99.9% of the stuff that was on the iPod.

So can't you just reload her? I'm not seeing the fatal flaw here.

Hang on, how did you load her without iTunes, anyway?

I had a worse one.Due to a problem with Tiger and Protools, I had to go back o Panther and during that process,with Apple CS on he phone I lost My entire catalog on my computer, and all apple would say was,"sorry,too bad" Luckily I found a program called "podhacker" that ow allows me to download off of the pod and I was able to reload all of my songs,many of which are originals from various sources.I know your pain,but now my iPod is a two way street,

It's not a fatal flaw. It's just damn frustrating to follow instructions that say "WILL NOT LOSE DATA" and then you lose the data.

I like my minidisc player since each disc is 1 GB, it runs on a AA battery and you really can't lose the data. Something to think about, in case this has soured you on your Ipod. Or you could always buy a PSP and a 1 or 2GB memory stick for it...act quickly while you have a justifiable excuse!

Are you sure Bill Gates didn't write the instructions?

They'll have to pry my ipod from my cold dead fingers. Every album and song I own is on there. In tiny, neat little package. I'm hard wired at home and in my car.

Any song, any time. They're always in my pocket.

God Bless my Ipod.

Seriously. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than this to make me give up my iPod. It would have to kill my child or something.

And then I'd still have to carefully consider it....

I'll stick to scratching my CDs into unreadability.

Gah, it's sad when the cult takes hold . . .

(From Apple tech-support)

I'm sorry...you just misunderstand what the meaning of "LOST" is.

When Steve(peace unto him)says "LOST", he doesn't mean "LOST", as in "LOST" lost, he means "LOST" as in "LOST".



Explain yourself. Do you, or do you not have your songs still in iTunes?

Do NOT remove songs from iTunes. It's your backup. Maintain your entire iPod catalog on your computer, or pay the price.

Yea, "resetting" an iPod (holding down menu and select) shouldn't erase anything, but I've seen it happen before.

Oh, and one of the first things we ask iPod customers at the Genius Bar is "Do you still have all your music on your computer?"...Mac users, unless they have a really small hard drive, usually do. But a decent amount of Windows users (even if they have a huge hard drive) like to erase all the music from their computer, or take it all from their friend's computer, and are then heartbroken when their iPod craps out.

My advice for the future- have all your music backed up somewhere, especially anything you purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Mac Genius up in MA.)

As a 4 ipod house, this has happened to me...oh, about a dozen times over the last two years.

I don't care. The little magical bastardly player is THAT. DAMN. GOOD.

Michele, you should do a full restore as long as it's already emopty. Re-write the drive and firmware, it'll solve any skipping issues. It's a bit like defragging (although not quite the same).

Yea, I'm going to restore her to her virginal beauty.

All my tunes are on the iTunes. At home. I'm mostly upset because I've been left without my music at work, and for the drive home.

And just, you know, for the inconvenience of it.

/shakes fist at Mr. Mac Genius

I agree with JimK, if it's already empty, just restore it using the most current iPod software (http://www.apple.com/ipod/download) .

Believe me, Michele, I totally feel your pain. I've had my 15GB 3rd generation iPod crap out on me a couple times. I understand the inconvience. Just don't become one of those people that can't possibly function without it! :-)

Oh, and I'm honored by your fisti- um, fist-shaking.

Same thing happened to a coworker. It was still under warranty, so they sent him a brand new one. But he was a wreck till it arrived! :)

I lost my train of thought during my comment, but you already answered my question.

I was thinking "all you have to do is hit the synch button." I forgot it's later there, and that means it crashed while you're at work.

Do you at least have some cds in the car? One?

Brand new car, haven't put anything in it yet. Looks like I'm stuck on the drive home with three rock stations that all think FREEBIRD should be played every hour, on the hour.

You may not take my iPod, SunTzu (a twin of Matilda's), even after I'm dead, I'm taking it with me. I may even ask that I be buried with my white headphones in my ears.

My music is on my laptop and backed up onto a stand-alone portable hard drive just in case. I went a little nuts when we first got them and bought a LOT of music off iTunes.

Aren't "cults" by definition harmful?

michele, I know what I could do with my iAudio, and I have a feeling it would play just fine up there. Why don't you just listen to the built in FM receiver? ;)

i think mp3's are just a fad.

i think the LP is gonna make a huge comeback someday.


i keep hearing horror stories about the ipod, just like yours, and other kinds of horror stories too, but mine always worked fine. maybe i'm lucky or something. or maybe cuz mine is pink! =)

that's what you need, michele, a pink ipod! =) then it'll be more friendly. =)

Why don't you just listen to the built in FM receiver?

/slaps Robb silly
//too late, someone beat me to it!

Ack! Well, my iPod did the trick at the dentist today. It was wonderful. I still could hear the drilling in my head, though.

Hrmmm . . . that stinks.

I would say this, though - the procedure for a "soft reset" (which doesn't erase everything) and the procedure for a "hard reset" (erases everything) are very similar - its possibly you took the extra step to turn the soft reset hard.

This isn't your fault if true, but a fault of the design of the iPod. They should make these two different things have totally different steps to accomplish them, so that you never accidentally erase all your songs.

All machines break. If they didn't, I wouldn't have a job.

[relieved that Michele dutifully kept all her music intact in iTunes]

re instructions (WILL NOT LOSE DATA): You lost music.

B. Minich, PI: with Michele, soft always turns hard. No extra step required.

same thing happened to me... I took the 2 & 1/2 minute drive home, re-synched and went back to work... all 20.7 Gb back in place! (it's still not full!)

take my kids, hack into my bank account, steal the wife.. but if you touch the iPod, we'll have some serious problems!

Someone mentioned the "white earbuds" though. PLEASE, for the sake of your ears, get yourself a decent set of 'phones. You are BLEEDING sound quality and defeating the purpose of the iPod. Do yourself a favor and throw them in the trash and buy yourself a decent set of mid-range Sony or Koss headphones.. you can improve the sound of your iPod by like 500% for under $50. That's been the one complaint I've had about the iPod... the headphones should sound MUCH better for the price of the unit.