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Name the Car Update/Poll

Well, you guys outdid yourselves (see two posts below). I was better off trying to come up with a name on my own because I would have far less creative choices to pick from.

If you still want to nominate a new name, there's a space for it, or leave a comment. I am going to bestow the new name on the car in a naming ceremony this evening, so hit the poll and help me make my choice before 5pm today.


Ummmm, that's kind of an early deadline. Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Give yourself a little more time.

Because when you have a 'naming' ceremony, you also have to 'christen' it. wink wink nudge nudge. And I doubt the neighbors want to see that. Or do we?

Stick a big M on the hood and call it the Mach 5.

Dag nabit! Wish I came up with that one, Val.

ok, seriously, i really think you should call it "the Falcon," if nothing else, but for the movie lines.

Hey Michele? Nice car! Is it a fast car?

Fast car? You've never heard of the Mazda Millennium Falcon? It's the ship that made the Taco Bell run in less than tweleve parsecs.

dude. endless.

Merging with Long Island freeway traffic isn't like dusting crops, boy!

Why Millenium Falcon? I'd go with the play on words and just call it "Millenia Falcon". Then you can call it "Falcon" or "The Falcon" for short.

Use the Millennium Falcon, especially since you told that story about not peeing in the Millennium Falcon.

in my imaginary world you pick one of mine, so you need to know I suggested

Nigel Tufnel -louder, idn'it?
Dr. Pearl - Dybbyck Shmybbyck, I said More Ham!
MT - movable type
Decoy Jones

sad, i know, but hey, I'm here...

"she's the fastest ship on DA ILIND!!

Gee, I'm chuffed that my suggestion made the shortlist (unless someone suggested it before me and I didn't notice).

Given that the car can't wear Space Ghost power bands, you would have to wear them instead to annihilate your enemies. To be truly authentic, you would have to get yourself a pet monkey to serve you.