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the lunatic is in my head

dark forebodings too
Full moon over Long Island

Explains a lot....

So I've narrowed the "name the car" finalists down to four:

Millennium Falcon
White Shadow
A third, suggested by a friend: Frylock
A fourth, suggested by same friend: Mr. Bungle

I'm not leaning any specific way yet.


Almost forgot, 100 words! Not only was I really happy with my entry today, but I think all the contributors had a stellar day.

And, this. One of my favorite blog posts of the past few days.

NOTE: This does not mean the nominations are closed! Still accepting suggestions.


Given the sheer whiteness of the vehicle, and your job as mother to two active kids, what other name would be more appropriate than Challenger

It looks more like a Master Shake. I hope you keep the nominations open a little longer.

But Master Shake is such a DICK.

Nominations open until tomorrow at least.

Yeah, but have you taken the new vehicle off a ramp...or run from the cops? Or even gotten into the driver's seat through the window? I think you'll fully appreciate General Lee afterwards. ;)

About my 100 words entry, it's ok. These last two I've done have been better than the two before it, for sure.

My vol. 2 issue 15 contribution was better, I thought.

I'm getting the hang of it.

Naming your car? That's crazy, now computers on the other hand... I got a new Mac mini today and named it Willard, and it is replacing Jim(a G3 iMac) and it gets along just fine with Wilbur(the router) and Clyde(the PC).

I don't give my computers girl names, because sometimes I get mad and hit(unfortunately the Mac mini may be good throwing size) them. I would feel bad for hitting a girl, but if they're just one of the guys, it's alright.

Mine sucked ass. I' so dead meat when it's time to vote someone off the island.



I had a '76 Cutlass named Skeletor, in my youth.

I also had a '79 Chevy pickup that I affectionately called Shithead, after the dog in The Jerk.

My favorite Star Wars ship was the Cloud Car, but I don't know if I'd use it for a car's name. There's something kind of cool about this car, though. Maybe a Transformer's name? Optimus? Starscream? Megatron? I think Megatron would be a cool name for a cool car.

Its all white...

Space Ghost !


Mr. Fucking Bungle!

Ah that's what I get for reading post in order than you posted them ... I left my suggestion in the last comments.

I still say it's a Dude (as in The Dude).

as for the already suggested names, I'm leaning toward Millenium Falcon, or Falcon for short (since Millenium is redundant)

The White Rocket of Luuuuv.

yeah, ok, fine. go with Millenium Falcon, then.

John Johnson...but everyone would call him Vicki.