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Name my new car!

new car

2000 Mazda Millennium Millennia, mine all mine. It's a lovely car, but quite different from driving an SUV. It's going to take getting used to.

So..all my cars have had names. All male names. Little known fact: The Explorer was named Disco Stu.

Name my car! If I use your name, you get some kind of prize.






Yeah, Nick. Nick's the kinda guy you can trust. Nick's your buddy. Nick's the kinda guy you drink beers with. The kinda guy that doesn't care if you puke in his car.



Don't know why. Just seems like a Cyril.

Little known fact: The Explorer was named Disco Stu.

Well, of course it's a "little known fact". As everyone knows: "Hey, Disco Stu doesn't advertise".

Eminem, get it? Mazda Millenium, M&M? Ok, how about Mike, Millenium Mike?

We could go obscure, how 'bout Fabrice? (One half of Milli(ennium) Vanilli)

Zachariah Zoom Zoom.

Attila, Attila the Horn.

Given the year and the make, something along the lines of "Y2K" would be appropriate. Or some derivation thereof.

Ah, c'mon. This one's obvious: The White Shadow.

I'm guessing Alex and Jason aren't really high on the list. Johnny? Manny? Papi?

Wait, it's a Millenium. Han Solo? It needs a black vest, though.


Nothing else...just Whitey.

Don't stop short, zombyboy. Spit it all out:

Frank Black.

Or Lance. Or Son of Henrik, if you're into the Viking thing.

Well, if you insist on male then Ozzie (and for the personality I mean that is the correct spelling). Your new car is so "White Picket Fences, Bored Middle Class Soccer Mom." (Okay, Little League) You need to make it look more like your road personality. Paint it BLACK, maybe?

Well, we named our SUV 'Charlene'(see Simpsons: 'Dead Putting Society').

How about we call your car "Bruce" so we's don't get confused?

George Romero

Ivan the Tribble

Chitty chitty blog blog.


The Falcon.

seriously, is it too obvious? it's the Mazda Millennium Falcon.

just make sure nobody pees in it.

Milli Vanilli

Milli for Millennium and Vanilli for her/his color.

didn't see JFH's comment

General Lee.


You can recycle one of my old ones, "The TurboCoaster."


Call me Fishmeal.


Slick Willie.

Obvious. Anikan.

But, if that's a little too often used by car namers, it might benefit you personally if you use the name Glenn. Biden. Cheney. Gates. Jesus. Golden Palace. You see where I'm going.

Brian J is a very smart man.

I'm just sayin'...


Baby Magic,

Who wouldn't like a car named 'Baby Magic'?

~ She's Having a Leased Car ~



Forget about calling it Frank...

How about Optimus Prime ?

You can imagine that its a car that can transform itself into your own personal kickass bot (installing the optional weapons accessory kit would be ideal).



In hopes that it will be hard to kill.

Crazy Mazy

Vanilla Ice.

Ice. Ice. Baby

Hmmm, very very white...kind of suburban.

Stan Smith. Peter Griffin. Brian Griffin.

Or just Seth McFarlane and cover it all.

A white Millennium?

It's got to be Milli Vanilli

I give you two choices: Mr. Miyagi or Frank Grimes.


You've got a sunroof, after all....

Shaun of the Road


Inigo Montoya

I vote for Val, which was the name of my first car. I named it after Val Kilmer, who is so awesome even when he's infested with Mycobacterium tuberculosis - but then, he got all weird and went to Africa to live in a tree, or something.

And in Alexander the Crap, he only had one eye. I didn't like that about him.

But anyway, Val.


(Read Wiki for Mazda, you'll understand).

BTW, congrats on the car. I own a Mazda myself, love 'em. The little secret of Japanese automaking.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

Mister Skankbucket

Otis. Must. Name. It. Otis.

White Zombie.

Dude. The Dude to be more precise.

Sadie. I've always like the name Sadie, and its pretty soothing to say when you're talking to your car. 9/10 cars agree with me.

Ummmm, I hat to be a car snob, but it's a Mazda Millennia, not Millennium. They DID have a Millennium Special Edition.

Yea, guess I've got Star Wars on the brain.

It has to be Donny!

So when the car acts up she can say "Shut the fuck up Donny!"

My vote:

Car Carlson.

(And if you're going with Star Wars ... it would be Millennia Falcon (not Millennium Falcon.)

No, I would name it Millennium Falcon because, you know, that's what that there ship is named in Star Wars. Despite the fact that the car is a Millennia.

Millennia Falcon just sounds gay.

Years ago I had an Escort GT... white... (Yeah, I know, Escort and GT are mutually exclusive to those who haven't driven the GT option)

The car's name, given the shape and the Color, was "Eggy" which was short for Eggbert.

As for you... Malcomb..... Malcomb Millenia.

You could name it as a female... "Milly"

For what it's worth, most of my cars' names have been male too. Then again, most of my cars have been stick shifts.

Seemed appropriate.

My Nigga Charle