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handbasket, one seat

There's this vague sense of guilt I feel each Sunday night for laughing at so many of the jokes on Family Guy. Not so guilty that I stop watching it, though. And it doesn't stop me from laughing at the next over-the-top offensive-to-nearly-everyone joke. In fact, I sometimes cry when the show ends because I don't want it to be over yet.

If there's a hell, Family Guy is what's going to push that handbasket I'm in downward.


You say it like it's a bad thing, Michele...say, you got room in that basket for me, too?

I know the feeling. I feel really guilty for laughing at the "you've got AIDS" bit in last week's episode, but I've used the TIVO to watch just that song 4 or 5 times.

FG is what the Simpsons wishes it could be.

So why does American Dad bite so hard? How can the same mind produce one show that is ball/ovary-breakingly funny and one show that blows monkey cocks?

nooo don't guilt me for watching Family Guy. I had a clean conscious about it it... damn.

Wife stares at me in what seem abject loathing/amazement when it comes to Family Guy. "You think this is funny?" she practically sneers while I'm jotting notes about timestamps to rip riffs of the TiVo.

"Honey, Stewie is a freaking god. You don't get it; I can't explain it. The guns are over there...shoot me. But c'mon...the mom slutted out with Gene Simmons!"

michele, can I PLEASE beat the dog boy within a byte of his server's life?

Oy, woke up to a zillion of his comments, TC. But they are all gone now. Bless the power of Blacklist.

Yay! The Mighty Blacklist plugin is wise and beneficent....

I still like pointing a couple of servers and a load of mindless apps at such idiots who pull that crap, and let them know how picking the wrong URL can be a real pain in the keister, and how "viral" marketing can give your ass the plague.

I'm tumor I'm a tumor I'm a tumor....

I've always been a Simpsons guy.

I've given Family Guy multiple tries and while I do find it funny. It strikes me as South Park-esque where eventually the shock value becomes stale. That doesn't mean Family Guy is kicked off Tivo but it has slide farther down the priority list.

Its going to be a damn large handbasket with all the FG and South Park people in it. Sounds like a great party. Everyone will be doing their best Stewie and Cartman impersonations.

The Simpsons can be touching at times. FG never.