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father of mine


They're all fictional.

I'll make it bigger and better if anyone can come up with some more (more obscure, at least) dads to make it harder. As it is, this should be pretty easy.


But where's Anakin?

Jack Arnold and Steven Keaton absolutely must be included.

What about Father Murphy?

I don't seeem to see Daddy Warbucks. too obvious?

More obscure ideas: The King from The Princess Bride; Jackie's Dad from That 70's Show; the adult octopus [or one of the other dads] from Finding Nemo; Yellowbeard; either Jonathan Kent or Jor-El.

Heck... go for some real odd balls like Hitler or Osama or Castro!

The key word here is FICTIONAL.

Maybe I am too old or maybe I am missing the point regarding criteria but I would add:
  • Hugh Beaumont
  • Robert Young
  • Hugh Riley
  • Frank Faylen
  • Ozzie Nelson
  • William Bendix
If you need more let me know.

How about:

Phil Drummond
Rabbi Krustofski
Herman Munster
Gomez Adams

DUH!!! Fictional. Blonde moment. How about:

Gregory Peck -To Kill a Mockingbird Michael Keaton - Mr. Mom
Steve Martin - Parentood
Brian Keith - Family Affair
Bill Bixby - The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Lorne Greene - Bonanza
Fred McMurray - My Three Sons
Any Griffith - The Andy Griffith Show
Don Porter - Gidget

Gee... can you tell what I watched a lot of??

Weren't we all tortured by To Kill a Mockingbird enough in high school? Honestly.

Where's Jerry Orbach from "Dirty Dancing"?!


My favorite Tv father:Frank Castanva in Seinfeld.
Serenity now!
You saying you want a piece of me?

Major Dad

How about Optimus Prime? He was more like a father figure to me than any other TV dad. (My Dad's way too cool to be outdone by a fictional character, by the way).

Al Bundy (he might be in there, but I don't think so)