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I am a raging Rino. You can check out all the Rinos here, thanks to der commisar.

Mr. Truth Laid Bear has completely revamped his site as well as the Ecosystem pages.

I have written what is probably my dumbest story to date at 100 words, but I sure made myself giggle while writing it.

I have a new favorite blog
. Just scroll past the catblogging to to all the geek/gaming stuff.

More links as I find stuff worth linking to. I'm still counting to ten over here.


If grandmother calls you a "dumbass", I think a "motherfucker" is warranted.

But ultimately it depends on which grandmother your talking about.

So do you get to join any community you want or does it require an invite?

I don't know how that works. Der Kommisar invited me. And I had to say yes because I'd get sent to Siberia if I said no.

I thought it was really nice of Mr. Simon to include me in Humor & Satire, considering my bottom-feeder status.

You had me at catblogging.