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hit me baby...week 3

Why yes, thanks for asking. I will be making an attempt to live blog Hit Me Baby One More Time again.

Tonight's guests are:

Cameo (Word Up)
Howard Jones (No One is to Blame)
Irene Cara (What a Feeling)
Sophie B. Hawkins (I Wish I Was Your Lover)
Wang Chung (Everybody Wang Chung Tonight)

While I was a very big fan of Howard Jones back in the day, I'm going to have to pull for Cameo tonight. Howard's wishy-washy, blanched musical style just hasn't held up well over the years. He rarely makes an appearance on my iPod (What is Love and New Song would be the faves), Cameo's Word Up never, ever goes out of style.

Stay tuned.

Ok, Wang Chung sounded crisp and clean. But come on, how hard is it to reproduce a simplistic song like that?

I don't know this Sophie chick. Heard of her, but never heard the song she's singing tonight.

I'm sorry, but those dance moves? Is she trying to shit out a hit?

She's spastic, her voice is irritating and that twirling shirt thing was just goofy. No wonder she's a has been. And if she was really singing that I'll eat my hat. Even though I don't have a hat. I'll eat Matt Drudge's hat. But only if he washes it first. He's got cooties.

Woooohoo, it's CAMEO time!

Ok, totally not singing live, either. But I don't care.

WAVE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR LIKE YOU JUST DON'T CARE!!1!! This song will NEVER DIE. I'm back in the local bar, drinking some shitty beer and dancing on a really teeny tiny dance floor that someone just puked on. WORD UP.

Howard Jones up - this is the most cliched freaking song EVER. He's still bland. Still whiter than white. Jesus, he looks like John Lithgow.

Did Cameo say they were going to do Bowling for Soup?

Ok. So I saw Fame in the movie theater when it came out. People actually got up and danced in the aisles. My friend (a guy who always wore a scarf, no matter what the season, and Capezio dance shoes) was dancing. I said "can you please not do that?" "Do what?" "Be a freaking dork?" "Is there nothing more special in this world than a gay dork, baby?" Yea....special. So special.

Anyhow, like two weeks later I was in my room when What a Feeling came on the radio and I found myself doing this dorky dance. So special....

She still looks the same. Well, a little round in the face, but the same. And she can still shake that ass. But the song is still craptastic. And those back up singers move like droids.


I feel the need to repeat this every week for those who may not have tuned into this show before - the second half generally sucks. Though it should be interesting to see Wang Chung doing Nelly. Not nearly as interesting as Tommy Tutone totally fucking over Blink 182 last week and not nearly as entertaining as Vanilla Ice doing Destiny's Child...

Wang Chung/Nelly: Ok, watching this old, balding white guy sing this song like he means is is really, really disturbing. EEEEK I feel like I'm being molested by someone's grandfather!

Sophie Hawkins: She's playing this like she's singing for a Grammy instead of some lame ass, summer scheduled reality show.

Did anyone see that chick with her tits hanging out of her shirt? No?

That was....different.

Cameo/Bowling for Soup: I hate, hate hatehatehatehate this song. So they better make good with it.

Aye, they're funkifying it. Nice. This is pretty nifty.

Howard Jones: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Irene Cara: This needs cowbell. This is just freaking awful.

I need to find out next week's guest. I heard that both Night Ranger and Air Supply were going to be on this show and I'd like to plan my calendar around that.

What the hell? Irene Cara?? Bah. Give it up for Cameo, people, the real winners in my heart and mind.


Update: Well, damn. Looks like Night Ranger backed out at the last minute.


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Definitely Word Up.

BTW, they're totally karaokeing on that show - there was an accidental closeup of the keyboard the Flock of Seagulls guy was "playing" and you could see where the power cord is supposed to go :-)

I love Word Up!

I do love Sophie B. though. There's something about a girl with an overbite...

A red codpiece? Dude...that's not funky...that's practically Rick James.

I'm with you about Sophie B., Michele ... how annoying was she?

"Is she trying to shit out a hit?"

... now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Cameo owns.

Howard Jones...or "Pay attention children, this is why you shouldn't do a lot of coke."

I was really hoping he would sing New Song. I never really liked No One Is To Blame anyway.

Although it does not compare to the utter hatred I have always had for that damn Wang Chung song.

I heard that too Michele, Cameo is doing "Bowling for Soup." A funky version of "1985?".

Irene honey, we're not that young anymore...stop it before you hurt yourself.

Damn, I saw Howard in the early eighties (he opened for the Eurythmics) and he was actually VERY good ... sad to hear him now.

Totally freaked me out ... the big picture they put up as the background as Howard was coming out had the same hairstyle I used to have ... just before my purple Flock of Seagulls do. Good lord, flashbacks!

Cameo was funktastic! I'm thinking they've got this one in the bag.

Tommy Tutone doing Blink 182 was like Mel Gibson doing Hamlet...it was a little too insane...

This is so wrong that it works.

Tom Jones could get away with this...but that's it for an aging Saxon.

And now Sophie's just scaring me...torch singing 100 years...wtf?

heh, Wang Chung doing Nelly was so wrong it was good. I liked it better than the original.

Sophie B. needs to be taken out back and SHOT in my opinion for ruining a beautiful song.

oh, saying that I liked this version of Nelly's song more than the original isn't really a compliment ... I can't stomach Nelly.

Please tell me you're not liking this?

Howard, that was just freakin' awful.

Howard singing Dido was better than Howard singing Howard.

I'm still thinking Cameo's got it all sewn up. They were just too much fun.

...muttering..."let me out of this misery" is right. Are any of these women on key?

I don't know this song, but Irene & pals sound pretty good on it.

Goto go with Howard...

Got to

If Night Ranger and Air Supply were on the same week the universe would implode. I'm just sayin'.

Well, I know MY universe would implode. It would be more than my panties could handle on one night.

runs away from Ian

He said it, not me

Ian ... to funny!

okay...I'm wayyyyyyyyyy out of touch



Well, at least it wasn't Wang Chung or Sophie B. Hawkins.

What the heck? Cameo totallly should've won. I guess the studio audience is made up of Savol voters.

Oh just shoot me now. That was not right.

ok, could anyone understand the host dude? Do we know who will be on next week?

He didn't say exactly who. He just said "5 more amazing artists!"

Although the website was just updated with the following:

Baha Men (Who Let The Dogs Out)
Glass Tiger (Don't Forget Me...)
Greg Kihn Band (The Breakup Song)
Thelma Houston (Don't Leave Me This Way)
And a player to be named later.

This is one show I haven't seen yet, and from your descriptions, I'm getting much better entertainment value from you than I would watching it.

Now that America's Next Top Model is over, my only secret shame show is Beauty and the Geek. Now, that's entertainment.

Lesley, you rock! ;-)

I used to work with this chick that had this whole lesbian love thing for Sophie, she used to be friends with her while she was recording her first album.

It was really kinda creepy, she had a picture of the two of them with their arms around each other on her keychain. It was all very strange. She would just swoon when ever she talked about her(before she had her one hit)

I don't know, it was crap, most overused drum beat EVER! John Bonham must role over in his grave whenever someone uses it. When the levee breaks was good but I mean come on.

/*end rant*/

I really wish that Wang Chung had done Dance Hall Days. A much better song.

Sounds like I didn't miss anything by not seeing it last night, though.

Word up sucked. Fake singing. Fake bass and guitar player. Losers.

Wang Chung doing Nelly rocked.

This show probably generates the most 'shouting at the TV' moments in our house. Air Supply & Night Ranger, you say? I was saying last week that my fondest wish was for Air Supply to perform!

Baha Men (Who Let The Dogs Out) appears (thankfully) to be off the lineup now. If they need a hip-hop R&B act from the era (which Baha Men most certainly weren't) how about Rob Base. That would be off the hook, yo!