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another blog rule

You people need to stop dissing David Lee Roth and/or Van Halen.

I will henceforth ban anyone who disparages the name of either on this blog.

disclaimer: Hagar and Cherone are fair game. Any albums containing work by Hagar and/or Cherone are fair game, though I will give more consideration to the Hagar work. Cherone does NOT exist.

Don't you people remember my son's haiku>>

David Lee Roth rocks
Gary Cherone doesn't count
Sammy Hagar whines


Isn't it about time you made a compilation of the fun/arbitrary rules of ASV?

Lots more useful than any silly "About" link, anyway.

Hmmm...hear me out here...if I write a blog post arguing the point that without Van Halen, DLR was nothing AND without DLR, Van Halen was nothing...and I don't reference an on-topic post in my trackback...am I doubly screwed? Or will you simply take the worst offense and apply that punishment? Or should I simply expect to wake up next to a horse's severed head?


[punches self in balls] Whaaat wooooouuuuuuuld you say, if I took those words away? Then you couldn't make things new, just by saying I looove

yoouuu...la de dah de dah...

I like em both (Dave and Sammy) one on each of my two favorite VH albums (1984 and 5150). Dave was more fun to watch and Sammy more fun to listen to.

[punches Hubris in balls for singing Extreme]

I was under the impression that men who sing Extreme have no balls.

I think they did actually withdraw into my abdomen for a minute when I hit that "would" note.

Keiran - Isn't half the fun that the rules change arbitrarily, like Calvinball?

Is poking fun of DLR about his follicle issues the same as disparaging DLR?

If it is, I guess I will have to accept banishment. I mean, if you can't have a little fun by laughing about Diamond Dave's diminishing 'do, it isn't worth living.

At least David would put all of that medical experience to good use. :-)


So this guy's driving on the Long Island Expressway at an unsafe speed screaming, "I can't drive 55" (Have they raised the speed limits on that road yet?), when he gets into a serious car accident. As luck would have it a trained paramedic sees the accident and rushes to perform life saving actions. Unfortunately for the victim, as the paramedic kneels to give the man CPR, he suddenly jumps up and yells, "I can't perform CPR on this man, we're both lead singers for the same band!"

There was a joke or brain teaser somewhere in there; I just can't find it

now THAT'S some hard livin!

While I enjoyed Extreme, they did commit the sin of many metal bands in the late 80's and early 90's: wimping out with a ballad. "Let's write a few of them, guys. Everyone knows chicks dig ballads." rolled eyes

I haven't listened to anything by Cherone's post-VH effort, Tribe of Judah. The album cover for their 2002 release "Exit Elvis" gave me the creeps. :-|

Man, and I actually liked Van Hagar.

I like Cranks idea.

Is there a way michele could make people sing th "I'm Sorry" song from Calvinball?

Well, they DID write the greatest stripper song of all time.

what about the archies? lung loved the archies. where did they go?

"sugar sugar" is the theme song of the new adorable apocalypse.


ps. lung has a t-shirt!

Will you think less of me if I say that I like VH both with DLR & with Sammy?

I can tell you Tribe of Judah sucked royally. The thing that killed Extreme was the fact they tried to go trendy on their last album not the ballads. Besides Extreme was never heavy metal, just hard driving rock.

I used to hate DLR and liked Sammy. Then Dave quit and Sammy joined, and even though I thought Van Hagar had better sound, it still just ruined my love of Van Halen. I missed the Cherone debacle entirely, and I'm thinkin' that wasn't such a bad thing. The older I get, the more I think Sammy is a tool.

DLR, was one of the last "ROCKSTARS". I think DLR has to be one of the greatest frontmen EVER. Come on people.

Hamala zebuhla buhbala buhbula hamala zebuhla BOP.

Sad and lonely.

(I think Diver Down is my favoritest HV album)

HV? Han Valen? wtf?


When I was a youngling I remember Van Halen was a huge -- "Running With the Devil" was nigh inescapable on the radio. My older & wiser brother had that album, and I remember asking him if I could borrow it. He GAVE it to me and said dismissively, "The guy's just a screamer." Sure 'nuff – after listening to the whole album in one sitting, David Lee Roth = Screamer Dude was forever stuck in my head, and Van Halen (regardless of their incarnation) has ALWAYS been third/fourth tier stuff for me. It also made me notice how often "vocal" musicians have to insert themselves (with grunts, screams, "Oh Yeah!'s", etc.) into the instrumental sections that would have been MUCH better without their involvement. Look, just because you're the "front" man / woman it isn't ALL about YOU. DON'T SCREAM over that delicate finger work the lead guitarist is playing because it's been 10 seconds since anyone's heard from your festering pie-hole. Got it?

Howard Dean / David Lee Roth: "YEEAAAAAAHHH!"

Mitchell? Did you READ the post you just commented on? Are you dense, stupid or a bit of both?

You've just been banned.

Diver Down.


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