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One and one and one makes three* (And a POLL!)

In twelve minutes, I'll know how many of you to cull out of the "Predict the verdict and aftermath" pool.

Can you stand the drama? This is more riveting than watching an entire nation expend all of its resources to look for a missing, beautiful, rich white girl!

You can still get a quick prediction speculation in if you ACT NOW! Operators standing by!

*If anyone gets what the title refers to, I'll kiss you. Hard.

Update: This is what we have come to as a nation, folks. The TV stations are actually showing footage of the vehicle entourage headed towards the courthouse. MJ IS 28 MILES FROM THE PARKING LOT!!!

CNN has a handy dandy child molestation scorecard for you!

They're reading the verdict now, but it's going to be anticlimatic. Nothing can beat the thrill of the car approaching the court room.


And another "where were you" moment in the annals of world history has come and gone. Years from now when they ask "where were you when Michael Jackson was found not guilty?" I'll be able to say "I was picking a wedgie out of my ass, yelling FREEE AT LAST!"

Honestly, I'm a little shocked. Not one GUILTY?

So, quickie poll:

A) Travesty of justice?
B) God has shined his light down upon the righteous and true. Bless you, Michael Jackson!
C) I saw a turtle.
D) _______________ (insert your Michael Jackson pun/joke here)

You may also commence casting the soon-to-be-made movie of the week.


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Gravity Kills lyrics?

Gravity Kills lyrics?

Specifically, Guilty.

I've kissed you hard a million times in my dreams already, Hubris. And that one time when I pretended my pillow was you.

Man, I haven't heard Gravity Kills in ages.

Can I get in on Guilty and Mass Rioting?

damn you Hubris, foiled again!!!

Ah, a fantasy kiss is way better than nothing.

I'm guilty, baby.

Sounds like "Jacko Ho-Tep" ,I say a look-a-like is on his way to the courthouse and ,well,there you go...

It's 11:40 PM in Israel and I can't even think about going to sleep until this verdict is announced....

So when do the citizen journalists get to interview the jurors?

He Beat It.

The radio station just interrupted a freaking song to announce the verdict.

I shamelessly stole your line as my IM status.

I noticed MJ was looking rather pale on his way into court.
So a good day on 2 counts for him then.

OJ 2, Electric Boogaloo

MJ looks like he borrowed a few pills from Paula Abdul.

HE IS FREE. You far-right nazis failed again to frame a person of color. Michael Jackson is everything we progressives stand for. This is a great day for liberals and (real) democracy!!!!


It's a bad day for Bushco fascism! (boo hoo)

Heh....I think.

I'm rather blase about it. Not guilty on all counts is a little far-fetched, though.

I've got Thriller stuck in my head. Thanks, MJ.

Heh, I would have guessed "Come Together" by the Beatles (one and one and one...)

D) [listening to Richard Cheese singing "Beat it"

Apparently a California jury needs video of the accused walking around with a ten-year-old hanging off of his dick.

I just found out about the verdict (via an IM from Brickmuppet)... I had told him that I am actually in CA right now... For some reason, I hadn't even thought of the fact that this is going on in this state as well; and I just found out that there was an earthquake here yesterday. I have been unable to watch the news these past few days, but this is something that some had predicted, due to the money factor. I don't know about the specifics of this case, but it's too bad that people like Jacko (as well as people like Klinton - both Bill and Hill) keep escaping punishment for their serious wrongdoings, due to the amount of wealth and power that they have.

"One and one and one is three"

Also from "Come Together" Do I get a kiss?


At last, some good news for a white woman in the news.

Hey LV,

I thought he was innocent. I'm a conservative and a Bush supporter.

Your ignorant.


You're ignorant.

Apparently, I am too.


However, if I didn't know any better and was just judging from that great morphing job you have up, I would swear that there is no f'in way in hell that cute little kid grew up to be that..that...thing.

Michael Jackson may well be a prevert, but convicting him on that raft of contradiction the State presented would have been unconcionable.

The case was so weak I'm surprised the judge didn't toss all but the alcohol counts after the prosecution rested. I think the county will be lucky not to lose a malicious prosecution beef.

Where was the turtle?


Victory Tour '05! Boys under twelve get in free!

I think I know what tomorrow's 100 Word or Les theme is going to be.

HE IS FREE. You far-right nazis failed again to frame a person of color. Michael Jackson is everything we progressives stand for. This is a great day for liberals and (real) democracy!!!!
It's a bad day for Bushco fascism! (boo hoo)

Michael Jackson is everything we progressives stand for.

And that is what...monumental facial surgery to hide from yourself and your ethnic heritage? Wanting to be Peter Pan and hang out with kiddies because your family F'd up your childhood?

Turtle Head! Turtle Head!

I got Turtle Head!

whoops, gotta go now....

He could rape Macauley Culkin in the middle of the street and be acquitted. Fact.

He could rape Macauley Culkin in the middle of the street and be acquitted. Fact.

If by rape Macauley Culkin you mean bend him over and make him squeal like a pig while he yells "BEAT IT, YEAH BEAT IT MICHAEL!" then...yeah.

I don't think that Michael Jackson is innocent. Well, at least not entirely.

Billie Jean is not my lover,
She's just a girl who says that I boffed her son,
But the kid was having fun...

Brainster, superb, very funny!

You heard he had to quit the Cub Scouts? He was up to three packs a day...


Isn't Macauley a bit old for him now?

Back in the day I put that Gravity Kills disc on infinite repeat while playing LAN Command & Conquer (the original). Good times.

I hope he has a big sleepover to celebrate.

MJ is facing some civil actions, now isn't he?

Is it wrong that I'm hoping that something GOOD can come out of all of this? Y'know, like Paul McCartney can get the Beatles catalogue back?

An auditory knock-knock joke, courtesy of my duaghter (apparently it made the rounds at the high school.

Knock, Knock.

Who's there?

Little Boy Blue.

Little Boy Blue Who?

Little boy blew Michael Jackson.

michele: Aim for the balls, not the cock. They're close to each other, but if you miss the balls, those sorts of hits don't hurt as much.

Otherwise, the only opinions that matter are of twelve people and they've spoken. That's it. If Jackson's truly guilty, then the prosecution fucked up.

Maybe they shouldn't publicize these cases until after it's all over and done with? I can't see anything else that might help.

So I guess option E: I saw a squirrel!! He was doing like this: imitate squirrel

I really need to stop working and reading books and stuff. I didn't fing out that MJ "got off" until I saw the paper this morning! I spent a whole night sleeping and not knowing. I am so....yesterday!


But what the hell were the prosecutors thinking? I mean how bloody incompetent can you get?

Juror number 1 was just on Fox. He admitted he thought that Jackson molested young boys but he not guilty according to intructions they were given by the judge.

I started playing "Guilty" right after I read the title, well before clicking on the comments. After carefully rereading your terms of service, I can find nothing to indicate "one kiss per post" or some such shit, therefore I DEMAND a kiss. At least a peck on the cheek or something.

You far-right nazis failed again to frame a person of color.
And what color would that be?

And what color would that be?


And I had no idea that the Jackson trial was so...political.

Kisses for everyone, two for Disconnect. I'm just in that kind of mood.

Unbelieveable. But if he truly is a child molester, he will be back. I can't beleive he was exonerated. I'm beginning to think that the level to which American's elevate celebrities is becoming a serious problem.

aww man, all I get is sloppy seconds...

We used that saying on our website when we discovered we were pregnant. Is that it?

--. You far-right nazis failed again to frame a person of color. Michael Jackson is everything we progressives stand for. This is a great day for liberals and (real) democracy!!!! --

Let's see:

Michael Jackson, by most accounts, is outspending his income to the tune of $20,000,000 per year .. I can understand liberals and progressives standing for that.

Michael Jackson lives in a world entirely divorced from the realities faced by everyday people ... I can also understand liberals and progressives standing for that.

Lastly, Michael Jackson was raised by strict, apparently abusive religious parents ... forced to become a member of a family group so that his father could fulfill his dreams... and has never had a relationship that one could call 'normal' or 'successful' based on any meaningful definition of the term ... I can understand liberals and progressives standing for that.

Look at it this way - Evil Bushco is ALL ABOUT THE TAXES. If Jackson is in jail, he costs Bushco and the Governator MONEY. IF Jackson is free, he can tour, employ people, charge ticket fees, and perform taxable activity.

So, given all that, how is it possible that Jackson would not go free?

Bush, he's evil all right
... evil like a fox.

Mooo-who-wah-ha-ha-ha-ha ....

Heard an excerpt from Tito's press conference - "...Michael is home resting and enjoying his children..."

Isn't this the entire problem?

To assist in paying his legal bills Michael Jackson is having a garage sale this weekend at Neverland Ranch....


...young boy's pants...half off!...

Another good one... There is a news report on the cover of the Evening Standard.

Jackson vows not to sleep with boys

A wags response: Isn't that a bit of closing the bedroom door after the young boy has escaped?

You graphic of Michael Jackson has convinced me that he should be the part of the "Joker" in the next installment of "Batman".

if he didn't do it then I am fine with that, if he did it are your children fine with that?