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This has been bothering me since about 5am and I need to get it off my chest.

Yesterday, I linked to this awesome Star Wars/Journey flash thing.

The first thing I see in my mailbox this morning is this comment (go ahead, I'll wait while you read it). The second thing I see is three - yes, THREE - emails admonishing me for linking to the site.

Why? Because the main part of the site is something called Murdoch Watch. There's not even a site there yet. Just a main page. And the Star Wars thing is just hosted there - there's not even a link to the main page on it.

Yet there are people who think this is some grand conspiracy by a liberal Star Wars freak to get bloggers to link to the Murdoch site, that the whole thing is a set up in some grand scheme geared towards bloggers to subliminally or coercively guide them towards linking to and publicizing a site that is run by a gasp liberal. And then what? They win a prize? They get to run the country? Buildings collapse? MY GOD, THE BLOGGERS ARE LINKING TO THAT STAR WARS THING AND IT'S HOSTED BY A PERSON WHO DOESN'T LIKE RUPERT MURDOCH!!11!!! DEFCON 1!!

There are a couple of things I'd like to point out here:

1. Stop thinking the world revolves around blogs. Not everything that happens on the internet is connected to blogs.

2. Who cares if there's a Murdoch watch? It's ok for there to be a Moore watch and a Rather watch and whatever else you people are watching but the minute someone wants to watch the guy who owns some crappy papers and a biased tv station (that's right, I said biased, and if you are a conservative/Republican and refuse to acknowledge that FOX is biased, you're a jackass) there is evil afoot at Circle K! Dish it out? Great, then take it.

3. IT IS A FUCKING FLASH FILM ABOUT SOME FICTIONAL CHARACTERS SET TO A CHEESY 80'S POWER BALLAD FEATURING STEVE FUCKING PERRY! Oh god, I can see the conspiracy in it now! Oh wait, I can't. Because there is NO CONSPIRACY. Dou you know how to have fun? Do you know how to laugh, smile or enjoy yourself without seeing "LIBERALS ARE TAKING OVER MY BRAIN!" written in your alphabet soup?

4. I am really beginning to hate the lot of you. No, not you. YOU. You know who I'm talking about. You humorless group of people who are always and forever outraged at everything that doesn't conform to your tight, knotted circle of what's appropriate. You are so entwined in your bombastic outrage and clingy, righteous rules and regulations for an upright, moral, perfect, conservative, honorable, praise to jesus above life that you don't see anything BUT things that outrage you. Haven't you had enough? When do you stop seeing signs in everything? When will you put down your "WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA AND GOD" pamphlets long enough to fucking ENJOY your god damn life instead of spending your days thinking up new ways to suck the ever loving joy out of anything that's remotely pleasant to experience?

God DAMN. I'll be back after the coffee leaves my system. I am fucking OUTRAGED about your outrage.


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My monitor just started smoking. I weep for those you were actually referring to.

And FOX is biased? Next you'll be telling me there's no Santa and that Oreo's aren't good for me.

I don't follow - what are you getting at here?

This is off topic, but I had a dream last night where you took my roommate and I on a hunting trip with about 30 kids. My roommate shot a caribou. One of the kids, who looked like an obese Jonathan Lipnicki, sneered at me and said, "My boobs are bigger than yours," which was true but seemed unnecessary.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You're giving sites teh Googlejuice!!11!

Seriously, I don't mind people and their passions (well, most times). But if linking to a Flash movie offends your delicate political sensibilities, then the time has come for you to log off your computer, go outside, and get some fresh air. Ya know, get some sun on that pale skin. Might even talk to a real live human female.

ya know, it's beyond pathetic when people have nothing freakin better to do than share their paranoid delusions with the rest of us.

I'm thinkin if ya look at the raw source code for those emails, there's fine print along the lines of 'brought to you by the same people that played records backwards and heard 'Paul is dead'.

Oh, and can you send me some of that coffee? I'm guessing it ain't decaf, which is a good thing.

fwiw - the original is posted on 'www.bloggerheads.com' - there are all of 3 comments regarding the movie.

If you scroll down on their blog there's a pretty good 'Superman' tribute flash movie plus excerpts from the 'Star Wars - Holiday' show.

Having read some of their political stuff, I'll now have to go and 'fair and balance' myself over at Free Republic for a while.


You linked to him again - I am outraged!!! I can barely type this with my outraged, shaking fingers!

And this is a good time to mention that only entertainers that pass some sort of arbitrary political litmus test should ever be patronized. This will result in only one movie being released each year, starring Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck, with Pat Sajak as an extra and a Kid Rock soundtrack, but so be it!*

And am I the only one to notice the subversive political subtext in Family Circus lately?

*I thought Gary Oldman was okay, but I read somewhere that he is pro-choice, so we must spit on him and all of his films!

This is why I love the InterWeb. I'm so glad Al Gore invented it.

What are these "blogs" you speak of?

I don't know about that Kid Rock soundtrack, man. Sure, he's a Republican, but I hear he's one of those South Park type Republicans. Not setting a good example for the kiddies, y'know.

I think Mel Gibson would be approved to star with Bruce and Tom, though. And that woman from that show I never watched.


A little bit of critical/narrative distance never hurt anyone.


You're right, that woman is great - and a real family values person!

Also, Michele, I really like your new header banner, although it is suspiciously "artsy" (and may encourage Satanism, I'll have to think about that for a couple of hours).

Geez, Michele. I'm tired of this beatin around the bush bullshit. Tell us what you REALLY think.


You swore. I'm tellin' mom!

swoon I'm a proud latte-drinking-commie-pinko-bastardette and, yet, I love you because... you GET IT! Yay! Michelle for President '08!!!!

It hurts me that the "Allah" hat tip wasn't enough to reassure these tools that it was okay to link. You spend months and months building up your cred as a Grade-A knee-jerk warbloggin' outrage junkie, and what do you get? A seal of approval that's worth squat.

If any of those people are reading this: Hey, come on, guys. This is Papa Burgundy talking.

And this is a good time to mention that only entertainers that pass some sort of arbitrary political litmus test should ever be patronized. This will result in only one movie being released each year, starring Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck, with Pat Sajak as an extra and a Kid Rock soundtrack, but so be it!

Nope, no Tom Selleck. He was in the pro-gay "In and Out" with Kevin Kline.

I don't know about Pat Sajak - some of the titles they use on that game show of his are a little iffy.

Bruce Willis is out. He was in "Disney's The Kid" playing a middle-aged man who hadn't married. Not acceptable.

Donny Osmond might be okay, tho.

Donny Osmond fucked his sister.

Haven't you heard?

Consider me a jackass, then. Every time I've watched Fox News (which is fairly often), there's an equal-time debate going on between a conservative and a liberal or different perspectives being put forth on a given issue.

And by pigeon-holing conservatives into that narrow mold you just described, isn't that doing exactly what they were accusing you of? They weren't right (hardy har har pun) to make up some conspiracy theory but I think you overreacted.

but I think you overreacted.

But you weren't privvy to the emails, so you have no way of knowing if I overreacted.

Michele, please wuit beating around the bush and say what's really on your mind, will ya?

All right, but how about Charlton Heston? 'Cause he did play Moses and all.

And Mel Gibson and that woman.

Now that is why I love this place!

WELL, I'm OUTRAGED. Oh, wait, no I'm not. That's just gas. Never mind. I thought you were talking about Morlocks anyway.

I with Wind Rider, where can I get some of that?

I only get that wound up in traffic.

Donny Osmond fucked his sister.

Haven't you heard?

That's the funniest damn thing I've read in ages!! God how I miss your rants!!

So this is probably a really bad time to ask you to bring back Lenore, eh?

I find myself giving less of a shit about politics by the day. So I'm going to follow Emma's example and sidetrack this thread to a discussion of Steve Perry's "Shadows of the Empire" (yeah... blame my bad manners on another poster! that's the ticket!). Apology for this. Will not hold it against Michele if comment gets deleted.

But boy am I glad Perry's book was not made into a movie. The book started off OK with a nice conflict between Boba and the Falcon team, but proceeded to suck. The SotE game followed the plot of Empire Strikes back for awhile, then visited Ord Mantell and Gail which were kinda cool, but then proceeded to suck even harder than the book.

Like TPM, the biggest problem with SotE was that it tried to push in locations that don't matter to the overall epic; Tatooine in TPM's case and Coruscant in SotE's. Also, SotE tried to replace Han Solo with Dash Rendar, and that just ain't gonna happen, folks. Lucas was trying too hard to sell video games in both.

I did like the SotE soundtrack though. Joel McNeely is a worthy padawan to John Williams. Actually I think JW should have lifted JM's Coruscant theme for TPM (which even so had a soundtrack better than 4/5 of the remaining overall epic).

So, uh, my point, Steve Perry's a hack writer who should've designed the SotE story arc post-Gail in a totally different frickin' way. The game's hopefully cheap enough by now that you can buy it for the opening salvos alone. The trade paperback comic is, eh, a comic. But the soundtrack is still better than 4/6 or even 5/6 of the overall thing so maybe you could get that.

Unless you meant a different Steve Perry, in which case I take it all back.

I thought the game ruled, but man, Nintendo 64 graphics were already dated.

Why would anyone defend Murdoch? It's not political, the fact that he owns Fox News doesn't make him any less of a sleazeball. I guess his foamy-mouthed defenders are proof of his ability to play the public.





(this message was typed in 12point Sarcasm font for those who donít have sarcasm compatible computers)

Combining two of my greatest geek loves....I owe you big time.

I was more outraged that people still like Journey, but that's a whole other ball of poofy hair.

Bur Michele, you just don't understand! It's those damn [insert hated political designation here] who are truly dirty rotten dogs. The [insert beloved political designation here] are really just misunderstood. And whatever trifles we may be guilty of certainly can't compare to the transgressions of those lame-brained dirty [hated designation] dogs!


Murdoch issues aside, I've always despised Journey...

As the owner of Moorewatch...I say watch fuckng everyone, who cares? And, if you make a funny flash, I'll link to it. Again...who cares?


Here's a non-political Star Wars PDF link for you, to help you feel better.

I'm guessing that you're posting about my comment? That's hilarious.

For the record, at least in the case of me (not necessarily the writers of your emails), you're projecting. I've not been outraged. I was admiring the cleverness of the strategy. And the flash video was very worthwhile (I immediately started passing it around myself; your taste in things of that nature is why I - and probably most people - visit your site, after all).

And I disagree with you. What the maker specifically had in mind was attracting people to his lefty site. If it wasn't, then the statement on his page of, "Produced by Tim Ireland in order to reach George Lucas as a precursor to Murdoch Watch" would have simply been "Produced by Tim Ireland in order to reach George Lucas". The "Murdoch Watch" website is explicitely tied, by its maker, to the creation of the flash space gizmo.

And none of that is particularly inflammatory. Not to me, anyway, nor to anyone that I seek contact with.

So relax...breath deeply...(I see you're way ahead of me on distancing yourself from the caffeine a bit [but I hope not too far!]).... The sun will rise again.

For clarification: Oop...seems I posted under the name "Jeff" on the comment yesterday.


How does that make you not a fucking fruitloop?

Jesus, Michele, I honestly do not know how you deal with that shite. God.

Pie for everyone! This very instant. No excuses. Everyone gets a piece of effing pie, and sits down, and eats it.

And no talking about politics until you finish your pie.

And then?

@prairie biker: I didn't deserve that.

Jeff, you're right. I have no knowledge of your reproductive habits.


The original comment was still rude and beneath civil discourse.