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I don't think anyone gets my 100 words today. I know at least a few of YOU will. Please.

oh yea, i put a few new pics up at flickr. are you tired of these links yet?

Ohh, did you know that you can add "notes" to my pictures? Try it, tis cool.


Clearly a text-based RPG, although I don't know which. But the grue was the clue.

Hello, sailor!

>Hello, Sailor!

>Nothing happens here

Heh. You got the same response on any Infocom game. Except in Zork III, which is the only game in which it's appropriate to say that.



The mantra of my life.

Don't forget to tickle your pterodactyl.

This is as good a time as any to make a quick plugh for "interactive fiction". Go a Google on "So Far" and "Andrew Plotkin"...