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Don't Stop Believin'

A musical tribute to Star Wars.

The most awesome thing ever. (Warning, music by Journey)

via Allah.


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We are truly not worthy.

Never knew Chewie had such chops...


To sing the blues, some are born.

Either (a) that was really funny, (b) I am a gigantic dork, or more likely © both.

LOVED it (& Journey)

So I guess I'm C, too.

Even Flash cartoons are a platform for random political BS now? What's next, The Cheat lecturing on the penal code?

But Journey is teh roxor.

Well, it's an interesting idea, I guess...create a neato politically neutral Star Wars flash thingie to get bloggers of all political persuasions to link to and advertise an ultra-leftist moonbat website.

Or have I misunderstood something....

Or have I misunderstood something....

Maybe read too much into a little SW fun? I didn't even notice the site it's hosted on.


Get your conspiracy theory brain out of your ass. God DAMN, that really pissed me off.

Do you honestly think that someone spent that much time to make a SW tribute JUST to get bloggers to link to their website? No one is even linking to the main page, and I bet you ten bucks that maybe two out of all the people who clicked on the link actually bothered to check the main page of the site at all. And I bet you another ten bucks that the dude that made the flash didn't have bloggers on his mind when he made it because guess what? Not everyone in the world gives a fuck about bloggers or what they link to.

It's not political BS. Maybe the rest of the site is, I don't know, I didn't look. I just wanted to enjoy a fucking stupid little movie that made me grin and now you've gone and RUINED it for me because you would see ANTI AMERICAN MOONBAT LEFTIES ARE DESTROYING THE UNIVERSE AND BRAINSWASHING BLOGGERS in a lump of fucking oatmeal. Give me a god damn break.

Well, I thought the anti-Murdoch thingie was annoying and dumb, but whatever. Life's too short. Moonbats should be encouraged to demonstrate a sense of humor, actually.

BTW, found this on National Review Online, if you haven't seen it yet. NRO is a safe bet not to be spreading any left-wing propaganda.


Gee. I plugged the 'Anakin Dynamite' thing here several weeks ago, with absolutely no political association whatsoever.

I'm more special, I guess.

After last week's Family Guy, everytime I hear "Don't Stop Believing," I'll think of Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire at the karoke bar.

Ratan, me too.

And Eye of the Tiger. And uh...that AIDS song.

Well, that solves a long ago bet I made. Wookies can play guitars. I'm calling up an old pal from college tomorrow to collect my pitcher of PBR.